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While I Am Away …
August 3, 2007, 9:30 am
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I am going on a rather lot of travels from Sunday so apart from the fact I doubt I’ll be posting too regularly over the next 7-10 days [I bet you’re heartbroken eh, ha!] I’ll be so fucking jetlagged that if I do post at all, it’ll be even more gibberish than usual.

It’s been a mental week … we all seemingly got back into blogland because there’s been more comments than ever – but without doubt, the winner of the best comment EVER is Age with his ‘prediction’ of my future.

Sheer bloody genius, even if he does think I’m going to end up dying a lonely man in prison!

I’d also encourage you all to nip over to the blog of Swear-a-lot Lauren – who has documented her short-but-unbelievably-sweet tenure as the artist in residence for London company SPINACH.

Well done lovely [and to you SPINACH], it fucking rocks and I wish I could be there for the grand ‘opening’ … 

Finally I thought I’d leave you with a few things that I’ve got swimming around in my mind at the moment … not because I think you’ll be interested [it’s boring the pants off me that’s for sure], but because this is still [supposedly] my blog and I’ll do whatever I want thank-you-very-much. Ahem.

And with that, I wish you all a top[tastic] weekend and speak soony …


Is there anything more pathetic than a painfully average man attempting to pull off the latest fashion trends?


Is there anything sadder than a person screaming into a bluetooth headset when they have nothing in their hands? [I HATE bluetooth headsets, regardless of the excuse]


Nowadays we know what a Z-Grade Celebratory call their children yet with the real ‘stars’ of history [Shakespeare, Mozart, Michelangelo] we rarely no anything other than the ‘works’ they produced.


If you are in a lift with mirrored walls, you can [generally] tell which woman is getting out next because as the lift approaches her floor, she checks to ensure she looks OK.

Men?  Well they are either checking the women out, looking at the lift numbers with a child-like facination or playing with their phones.

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….or an art director trying to be down with the kids

Comment by NP

Who said AJ stalking?

Comment by John Dodds

Damn you Dodds – you have tipped Interpol on my cunning plan!

Comment by Rob

I’ve launched it. It’s done.

Comment by marcus@the ides of march

thanks rob for the props…

Comment by lauren

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