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Every Cheese But One …
August 3, 2007, 9:27 am
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So Pizza Hut in Singapore have launched a pizza so cheesy, it could host a weeknight quiz show.

Not only do you get three kinds of cheese in the main part of the pizza [Cheddar, Mozzarella and Parmesan] but you also get cheese squeezed throughout the entire crust … a swiss cheese fondue dip and then some fucking fried cheese ‘chips’ to make sure your cholesterol levels can enter the Guinness Book Of Records.

Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced all the bacon, sweetcorn, olives and onions had melted cheese in them as well … infact the only shocking thing is that Pizzahut is owned by Pepsico and not some anti-cholesterol drug company!

And here’s something even more mad …

In Asia, Pizzahut isn’t seen as the cheap, nasty and uber-unhealthy fast food chain as it is in the rest of the World … oh no … it’s seen as a fucking half decent pizza place to go to with your friends and family.

Plus … whereas in Oz you can get 2 large deep pan pizzas with a 1.5 litre of Coke and garlic bread for $18.99 [about 8 quid 50 pence] … out here the fuckers have the audacity to charge about SG$50 for the same thing. [about 17 quid!]

I have to say I sort-of admire Pizzahut Asia … in a World where most fast food companies are spending billions of dollars in changing their menus to healthier options and making an attempt to look nice-and-caring members of the community … this lot have simply said “FUCK IT” and launched the most stupid brand positioning EVER and gone all out to create the World’s first ‘edible heart-attack’.

Well done Pizzahut … you’ve taken a stand and gone against the grain which in Asia – thanks to the cultural value system – is rarer than Rocking Horse shit.

Oh and what’s seemingly the only cheese Pizzahut has missed out on including? 

[CLUE: You wouldn’t want it in your throat. Unless you’re a total sick fuck!]   

On second thoughts, I don’t think we want to go there …

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you filthy fuck, that talk of the “missing cheese”, almost ruined the pleasure of scoffing a pizza forever. luckily im a tough bastard so order me a couple of the dairy overloads immediately and ship them over.

Comment by andy@cynic

17 pound for a Pizza Hut pizza?!? There’s no fucking way!!

Comment by Age

Thanks for that image Andy but I thought you were still on a diet? Don’t tell me … I should have it cut into 4 pieces instead of 8.

Age … unfortunately that cost is true and I am also ashamed to say that once my best friend and I spent a whopping SIXTY TWO POUNDS at Pizzahut Nottingham.

OK … so it was in the restaurant [hahaha] rather than takeaway … and yes, he had quite a few beers with the meal [hahaha] … but SIXTY TWO QUID … and the dessert was fucking free.

[Infact we got chucked out because Paul stuck his head under the ice-cream machine and had it pour directly into his mouth. He said he was trying to minimise the workload of the potwasher]

I love England … I am proud[ish] to be British … but fuck me it is an expensive land.
Mind you, if they charged as little as Australia does for shitty food, maybe they’d become the 2nd most obese country in the World after the US – rather than Oz.

Sad but true.

Thank got you’ve got so much space for your big guts to move around, ha!

Comment by Rob

Now I know what I’ll have for lunch.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Speaking of cheap fatty foods in Australia. Let’s make time to FINALLY catch up next week for a sushi and salad (no dressing). Drop me an note when you’re free.

Comment by Age

Will do mate … I’m now not there till later in the week but I can’t wait to FINALLY catch up.

Comment by Rob

I hate Sushi. I love Pizza Hut.

Comment by Marcus

I love Sushi, and I like Pizza Hut.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

They probably have cheese filled sushi at Pizzahut

Comment by Rob

…or cheese filled cheese.

Comment by Marcus

I can eat 12 slices at the Pizza Hut all you can eat buffet.
Apart from splashing in a pool, that’s my only acheivement of note.

Comment by NP

Is the pool filled with cheese?

Comment by Rob

Dominoes do a pizza where even the base is filled with the stuff. Bread is the poor man’s cheese.

Comment by Dave Mortimer

Cheese is good.

Comment by Gordon Gecko

what scares me more than all the bad/overpriced/ridiculous pizza-ness of this thing is the fact that fondue is making a comeback.

Comment by lauren

Retro is sooooooooooooooooooooo in … so Pizzahut are the cutting edge of fashion. Obviously.

Comment by Rob

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