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Good, Bad Or Stupid? You Tell Me …
July 24, 2007, 7:20 am
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For people who want to show the World they’re either … 

[1] late to owning an iPOD

[2] filling the void after your iPod was stolen

[3] a twat

[As seen at APPLE Singapore]


For people too lazy to make their own food but like to pretend they do.

[As seen at STARBUCKS Singapore]


For people who weren’t given an iPHONE [like some people he could mention] so buy the closest thing to it – even though it turns out to be shite.

[As seen in Rob’s hasty and grubby little hands – quelle fucking surprise!]




Yep … all of them, and probably in the order they’ve been presented!

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i’m looking forward to ‘free use of an ipod while you’re on the bus to manchester’… phew! what a trek that is sans sound!

Comment by lauren

Long journeys without sound are horrible…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Long journeys that end at Manchester are even worse!

Comment by Rob

Manchester isnt that bad. I liked it when I stayed there for a while.

Its a damn site better than Peterborough!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I didn’t think the Ipod thing was that bad. depends what store it’s in I suppose. Would be good in a record shop, so you can ‘try before yo buy’.
And Manchester is fine when you get there. Something that’s on my mind a lot at the moment don’t you know.

Comment by NP

Iraq is better than Peterborough!

Comment by Rob

Well yeah, most people probably would feel safer on the streets of Basra.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

NP …. am I to assume from your cryptic comment, that LOVE may be in the air?

Call me Sherlock. [Or Quincy if I’m wrong]

Comment by Rob

I was wondering that…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Rob – d’you get my email? (Sorry to threadjack).

Comment by Will

I assume you mean Rob C?

Comment by Rob Mortimer


I have no emails for you Rob M. Just for Morb. 😉

Comment by Will


Comment by Morb Rotimer

Hi mate … yes I did, I am so sorry I haven’t responded, I have 2 massive presos to deliver by Thursday [one to NASA and another to Fosters beer – talk about total opposites] so if you could bare with me a day or so, I promise I’ll write back soon.

Comment by Rob

Sounds crazy.
Good luck!

Comment by Morb Rotimer

Haha … I think they need it more than me!

Comment by Rob

If you stopped buying technology then maybe you could spend your valuable time writing documents for clients rather than trying to work out how your latest gizmo works. Signed, Dad.

Comment by George

Rob – there’s no rush; just checking to see it hadn’t been lost in the ether.

Best of luck with your presentations.

And Morb – you’ve got mail.

Comment by Will

No i havent!

Comment by Morb Rotimer

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