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Thriller Performed By Killers …
July 21, 2007, 11:11 am
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The wonderful Charles pointed me to this amazing clip.

Even before I found out where it was filmed, I knew it had to be somewhere in Asia [it’s actually in Cebu, Philippines] – lets face it, no Western prison would have inmates who would happily …

1 Play a woman infront of so many other men
2 Be so well organised and practiced
3 Let prison guards film them
4 Dance to Michael Jackson! [the real giveaway, ha!]

Talk about a captive audience … it’s an amazing clip and I wouldn’t be surprised if it did more for prison morale, discipline and overall calm than any ‘system’ utilised by the West.

[See more performances – including Queen’s Radio Ga Ga – by going here]

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It leaves you wanting to know so much more about how it came about (though I had assumed it was Charles in the leading role!).

Comment by John Dodds

I reckon the group in the middle are professionals – the cons are all those at the sides and back in straight lines. They’re proper dancers in the middle.

This reminds me of something I saw on TV – a group of American really old people (many of who died during the making of the film) – who formed a choir of sorts, and performed modern songs (principally punk songs) – with an enthusiastic teacher / composer. They entered competitions, and went on tours – including of England. One of you at least must know who I’m talking about – I can’t remember the name. A mate of mine saw them and said they were shit – but on the TV they went to practice for their upcoming concdert, and went to do so in a prison in America somewhere, did their numbers (including a couple of slow numbers) – the very day that one of them had dies, or the day after or something. The prisoners (who were apparently pretty hardened folk) had tears in their eyes at the end and they got a standing ovation. It was so incongruous – and such a powerful and compelling concept to bring these two groups together using the context of the music, woven into the practice for the concert, and the death of one of the singers, along with the idea that ‘let’s see how this works as a form of rehabilitation’ that it was made all the more powerful that / when / and as a result it worked.

Shows what can happen when you do something incongruous, planned well, and have the grit to do it – for the best intentions.

Comment by TomLR

Proper dancers can be felons too Tom.

Comment by John Dodds

They were called Young@heart

Comment by John Dodds

oh my god, that is ace!

although rob, considering we’ve seen you as a ‘woman’ in 2 photos on this blog alone, i’m not sure if your first point is actually that valid. but i’m willing to let it slide for the sake of this post, just this once.. ha!

Comment by lauren

This clip was on CNN today!!

When I worked in a prison, I got to know this guy, an inmate, who had spent three years in a Filipino maximum security prison. He told me that discipline was enforced to the extreme and that it would put most armed forces’ elite units to shame. When you add to this the passion for music and dance Filipinos have (I’ve never experienced anything like it in any other country I’ve visited), this clip appears less of an anomaly. But not any less funny though.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Is that before or after you were the underwear model / rocket-scientist-in-a-Chinese-soap-opera Fred7

Comment by Rob


Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Pity – I have this image of you stopping prisoners in a pair of white pants while holding a ‘ROCKET SCIENCE FOR BEGINNERS’ book under your arm.

Actually that has come out quite dodgy hasn’t it – whoops!

Comment by Rob

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