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When Is Enough, Enough? [Part 1 of 3]
July 19, 2007, 7:20 am
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blinds Blind  If I Ever Lose My Faith In You Faith

So this is an issue that I think everyone goes through at some point in their life … where their passion or inherent belief in a God-given talent, fails to achieve the acclaim/success they were convinced would be theirs at some point in their life.

When you’re younger you convince yourself the ‘break-through’ is just around the corner … a matter of days, weeks or getting yourself infront of the right person … but as you get older, the doubts start to not just enter your mind, but stay there and settle a little.

Before you know it, these doubts have overtaken your unshakeable belief and you find yourself in a mindframe of ‘defeat’ … where you experience a sense of desperation as you realise your dreams were just that – dreams – and your failure was [if you’re blinkered] the result of the World being against you or [if you feel defeatist]  your ignorance to waste so much of your energy and life on something you, with hindsight, could never hope to have achieved.

It’s tough to face your hopes and realise they were just fantasies … but we all do it at different points in our lives and relegate them [as we get older] to just being a part of ‘growing up’.

Tango Apple

I remember years ago, I met a youngish actor at an audition we were holding for an Apple Tango commercial and having just been basically humiliated by the creative team [he had to pretend he was masturbating over a can of fizzy pop] he said to me he had come to the sad realisation that his goal of becoming a famous movie actor was pretty much over because whichever he looked at it, what he was doing was about as low as he could get.

The pain in his eyes was incredible … this was a moment where years and years of undying belief was not only destroyed, but left in a heap at the bottom of his heart and while he tried to soften the pain by saying he could now pursue the other opportunities and interests in his life, you knew inside he was hurting with a pain that was almost all consuming.

By pure chance I met him a few weeks later and I distinctly remember him telling me how he should of known he wasn’t cut out for an actors life because his Mum, Dad and Girlfriend had all started acting like he’d just come out of a coma rather than seen his ultimate desire for over 20 years be destroyed beyond all repair.


As I said, I am sure we all have our own examples [I know I was devastated when I realised my life as a session guitarist wasn’t just over, but legally restricted] … so the question is when do you decide enough is enough or do you think life decides for you?

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this is disturbingly apt right now mr campbell…

Comment by lauren

No Lauren … no it isn’t … and you need to read PARTS II and III before you can say that.

You are down but tomorrow’s another day and whilst that sounds like grandmother type bollocks, its true and I hope its a day where Lauren is restored, rested and raring to go.

We believe … and we don’t say that about many people I can tell you!

Comment by Rob

oh you fucking sweetie, i just meant that i’ve been thinking about this a bit lately. (although i can see where you’re coming from).
as an artist, i’m always making sure that what i’m doing is not complete bollocks. and i always wonder that, if i am just doing complete shit, at what point does one just give up. and then what?

[i promise i haven’t given in. trust me. i’m just getting started]

Comment by lauren

This post makes me sad, call me a dreamer but I hope I never feel that way. I’ve had moments when I’ve felt like I have no options and I’m only 26. At least Im young enough to recover. I can only imagine how heartbreaking it is when you’re older and the clock is ticking. I hope no matter how old I get, I never lose faith that I have the power to turn things around for myself when I need to.

Looking forward to parts 2 & 3 though.

I believe Lauren will succeed too, if not in London then def in Melbourne because she’s creative, knows her shit, and importantly she is incredibly concious about what works and what doesn’t and is grounded enough to keep it real.

Comment by Age

I love this post Robert and I can’t wait to read parts 2 and 3 but is all OK?

Comment by Pete

Great post, I hope parts 2 and 3 are more uplifting! But for now im pissed off at the people who interviewed Lauren. *stomps off*

Comment by Rob Mortimer

If you believe you’re good enough at something , then never!
But never stop dreaming, find something else you want to do if that happens, and fight like a tiger for it.
I’m with you Age, you can always turn things around. Believe me, I know what it’s like to feel backed into a corner.
But there’s nothing more sad than as aspiring singer being allowed to dream when no one has the decency to tell them they suck.

Comment by NP

I want part 2.

Comment by Billy Whizz

[…] so colloquial, I’ve never met the guy but he has a great blog) great mini series of posts on Enough is Enough. He raised some points that resonated with me on why I left theatre and why I loved […]

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