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Jumping On The Profit Bandwagon …
July 18, 2007, 7:37 am
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So my bank in Australia sent me a statement today and along side the covering letter, they had this printed …

… now apart from the fact they are stating the bleedin’ obvious, the fact is they bloody printed this on a bloody covering letter – a covering letter that served no purpose and sent 7000kms from Sydney!

The funny part is that I had previously asked about having all my statements sent to me by email but was told it was a ‘legal requirement’ to do it ‘on paper’ – so either they’ve changed the law or realised this is a way to make even more profit under the guise of helping the environment.

I am just waiting for them to announce they’re turning off their computers to save on emissions and if that means all my investments fuck up, then they hope ‘I’ll understand’. 

Don’t get me wrong … I am a big supporter of helping the environment, but just like [Red], I can’t help but feel many companies jump on the bandwagon / get involved as they see it as a way to make additional profit rather than wanting to help make a real difference. [Acknowledging any difference is a good difference]

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i’m all for giving banks a bollocking for their shitness (‘cos let’s face it, more often than not, they are the kings of crap). but i will say that, from experience, loads (and i really mean loads) of people still really want paper statements and tax invoices (including, most importantly, the tax department), which may be one of the reasons for the banks continued use of paper statements, and not just bandwagon jumping/profiteering. as to the unnecessary cover sheet, well, there’s no excuse for that.

Comment by lauren

i just realised that a little bit of that didn’t quite make sense. too bad. good night.

Comment by lauren

what doesnt make sense is you supporting banks and their paper addicition. fuck, you dont even rant against the tax office. what the fuck is going on?

Comment by andy@cynic

fuck the banks, fuck the tax office and fuck you.

Comment by Age

phew! sorry, I was just channelling the pre-London Lauren for a second there! You’ve changed, lady!


Comment by Age


Or has she just become civilised?


Comment by Will

Most banks here offer paperless statements.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Is there something in the air over Europe? Marcus was mad but you know, that’s part of his DNA – but with Lauren going all ‘pro-tax-office’, well I am just plain frightened.

Has the movie 28 Days become a reality?

Comment by Rob


Comment by lauren

You are pissed off … but now I know about your iPOD, I understand why. A hug from all of us to you!

Comment by Rob

actually, it’s less about the ipod and more about being fucked around a whole fucking bunch today.. but the ipod doesn’t help. and thanks for the hug 🙂

Comment by lauren

Name the person/company who pissed you off and we’ll come over and give them some ‘Andy Personality’ …

We’re like the mafia [we have to be in a desperate attempt to have some friends] … if one of our friends is attacked, we feel like we’ve been attacked and react to it.

[You can tell I’m jetlagged to fuck can’t you! I’m talking even more bollocks than usual!]

Comment by Rob

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