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What Is The Point …
July 13, 2007, 7:22 am
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… of buying a safe that is so light, a robber can simply pick it up … take it home with them and open it at their leisure?

Not only that, but would you really trust a safe that …

[1] costs so little

[2] offers a free stapler with every purchase

If you don’t see what I am laughing at, please can you supply me with your name, address and times you’re out your house. Ta.

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Comment by Pete

Pete said it best. hahaha!

Comment by Age

The stapler IS tempting though, isn’t it?

Comment by Marcus

The stapler makes it a must-have deal!

Comment by Rob

It’s a zen safe that serves to emphasise where true value lies. Obvious really!

Comment by John Dodds

If they made it any lighter it would be a wallet.

Comment by Marcus

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