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Nice Guys Finish First. Again …
July 10, 2007, 10:28 am
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First it’s  Age and now our beloved Seb has some good news for us …

I want to say thank you to you Rob, Marcus, Will, Lauren, Andy, Pete and everybody who reads this blog for supporting me in my WK London stuff.

Unfortunately I was not chosen to start WKside 3 on June, 30th. It’s sad, but you guys helped me to grow from my failure. And that is what I did. And that’s why I will start WKside 3 on the 3rd of September.

I am happy as hell. Happy to be able to work for that great agency and happy to know that a bunch of lovely people have supported me.

Thanks a lot.

Seb, that is absolutely brilliant news – fantastic and no less than you deserve. Everyone on this blog is so chuffed for you and I just hope the other stupidly brilliant people on this blog get to interview with companies who truly embrace talent rather than talk about it then err on the side of middle-ground comfort.

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He’s hungover.

Comment by Marcus


Comment by Rob Mortimer

Congratulations Seb! Well done.

Comment by Hari

Well done Seb. Congrats.

Comment by pooR

Wow, that is massive news. What an achievement. So happy for you dude, will be following your success on Welcome To Optimism, how cool!!!!!

Comment by Age

Congrats Seb!! Great News!!

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

so the pricks came to their fucking senses did they? very happy for you seb especially as that is one less person on this blog rob wants to give a fucking job too.

Comment by andy@cynic

seeing all your hard earned cash flying out the window Andy?

Comment by Marcus

Hang on. I’ve just realised I’m not on best behaviour anymore!


Ah, that feels better.

Comment by Marcus

Marcus is back but being respectful to my Mum [thank goodness]

Comment by Rob

As I said on t’other thread, well done mate. Legend.

Comment by Will

This is fantastic news, well done, well deserved.

Comment by George

hello. I am going through a massive hangover. that’s why I am so quiet today. thanks a lot everybody. you’re bloody tops. vodka is not bloody tops. at least not the amount of yesterdays night.

Comment by Seb

Well done Seb. Hair of the Dog and all that 🙂

Comment by Charles Frith

Congratulations Seb.

Comment by Pete

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