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Drew McLellan Can See Into The Future …
July 10, 2007, 7:02 am
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funny phone message

Following on from Drew’s brilliant idea about creating a ‘voicemail for the homeless‘ … I received an email from Holly at Cisco directing me to this article which explains how they’re already doing something quite similar for community groups throughout the US.

Given we’ve just been approached by them to help navigate some brand issues, I am hopeful I can convince them to help us set up something similar in the UK … and am even willing to wave our fee to encourage it to happen quickly. [Sorry boys but I am sure you understand!]

Well done to Drew for the idea and I’ll let you know how I go as and when it happens … however we’re still looking for the single concept human_2 can promote/lobby for, so please keep your ideas coming and if you need a reminder of what this is all about, then please go here.

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These are just ideas right? Just thinking and bouncing ideas around? There’s a real thirst for reality TV. Trading places was a great movie and people liked the concept of taking someone off the streets and back into society.

I’m not suggesting do a reality show for integrating the homeless back into society. I’m just saying its a poorly thought out idea that might have a hook in it somewhere.

There was a recent show in The Netherlands that used the concept of a game show where the winner got a kidney transplant. People went nuts. Not the people waiting for kidneys though. It turned out to be fake but the level of awareness for kidney transplants and people perhaps carrying donor cards went through the roof… Anyway. Just ideas and thinking.

Comment by Charles Frith

Hi mate … I love the sentiment of what you’re suggesting but how we can do it without either [1] exploiting the homeless [2] coming across as sick fucks is beyond me.

Come on my son … you’re a smarty, think it through and while you’re at it, tell me how you go/went with the mob you told me about.

Comment by Rob

Maybe a “Guest House” show where the couple are told a stranger will be staying… it would be a bit tacky but would force them to engage!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

OK I’ll get the thinking cap on. I think it should be called Unreal TV as a poke at the constructed reality of so called reality TV.

You’ll be first to know about this Thursday squire.

Comment by Charles Frith

I can’t wait to see how you do this without fucking up everything we’re trying to do interms of giving these guys confidence and hope about their life, ha!

Comment by Rob

How about a reality show whereby a candidate is put on the street to see how he copes with finding a way back to the first rung of the ladder. The audience can be involved through SMS interaction which raises money for the homeless.

In a mirror sequence of the unreal show the money being raised is used to take a homeless person off the streets. This show is not televised until such time as people feel it’s not exploitative or the subject is comfortable with having a stabilised life.

Comment by Charles Frith

10 points to Charles for coming up with a way that turns this potential nightmare into something with a fair degree of homeless person empathy. It’s now more social experiment than game show which is why I wonder whether TV networks would still go for it.

Comment by Pete

According to Richard Wilson’s talk at Interesting, tv companies love to pigeon hole producers. So if we got a company that has done successful reality/home shows to pitch it it would be much more likely to succeed.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Good point Rob.I was thinking about Richard’s point of view on this. Might try and get him over.

Comment by Charles Frith

good idea mortimer, we often use people who have more cred than us to pitch and more often than not we win because clients find it hard to argue with those they know actually have a valid point of view of their category and business.
the best example was when we hired these fit fucking gym instructors to pitch adidas on our behalf. you should of seen their faces when they met the fat, lazy fuckers who they had just appointed. perception and first impressions count for a lot in business and great ideas often dont see the light of day because people are prejudice towards you before youve even uttered a fucking word. go for it charles and if there is anything we can do to help, get rob to do it 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Thanks Andy. I think I’ve got some energy for this idea now. Watch this space.

Comment by Charles Frith

Hey Charles, we should get in contact soon so I can tell you where I am at with everything and how we can combine anger/passion/drive to keep things on track.

Thanks for all you are doing mate, I really appreciate it …

Comment by Rob

Yep. Lets have chat soon Rob. I want to keep the momentum going. Last night I took the time out to talk to a homeless guy I’ve seen before. Turned out he was Czech. That’s international homeless as a new category! Anyway its got me thinking. I wont be dropping the ball on this. Today is quite busy though so I shall drop you a line at the end of it.

Comment by Charles Frith

I tell you what mate, I bet that guy was bloody astounded you actually noticed him and gave a damn! Looking forward to chatting as well as hearing your news!

Comment by Rob

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