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The Power Of Dreams …
July 6, 2007, 7:15 am
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I’m writing this in an airport lounge so sorry for the lack of piccies or thought-out comment [believe it or not, I do try to think about what I write – though you’d never guess by reading it eh!] but I’ve just read an incredibly sad post by a dear friend of mine and wanted to simply say that while I appreciate why he feels down … by him questioning whether he is good enough, he is implying I am also not good enough because I [and many others] believe in him and his talent massively.

Life is unfair at times … but it is those that believe in themselves [and more importantly have those who believe in them] that tend to get there in the end and if you think you’re not good enough then [1] the industry should shut up shop because you’re waaaaaay better than most already in it [2] you should book yourself in the hospital because Andy and I are going to give you a bloody lip.

I’ll deal with you when I land … but I adore you and you will shine, oh yes … you will shine very brightly indeed.

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Count me in with that beating if he still doubts himself.

Comment by George

Hear Hear.

Comment by John Dodds

It’s the old man that doesn’t allow me to read his blog anymore? Then count me in with that beating. Maybe I will do some preparation beating for you, just because I am closer to him. If you read this, and I know you do, you bavarian lederhosenmann, don’t worry too much about a decision you can’t influence. And remember that for every door that closes there will be a new one opened. And for you it will be an even better and more exciting one, believe me (hey, usually you do that “listen to the wise man”-thing with me). Cheer up, mate. If we’d always win, life would be pretty boring, wouldn’t it?

Comment by Seb

Its cliche. But you only fail when you stop trying. So dont you dare stop.

Believe me, I should know!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

while there’s certainly some valour and dignity in stepping back from repeatedly banging ones head against ‘the wall’, it’s only so if it’s done with dignity and a slight bit of ‘fuck you, that’s what’ about it.

if your friend, rob, is continuing to sit behind a calculator and skulk through a CMYK lifestyle he dislikes because doing differently is too painful, then fuck that.

i’m sure your friend is actually a more hardy and creative person than that and is planning a wiley and cunning strategy for making a big difference in ways that are so fucking brilliant, we’ll all be blown away.

and if not, i hope he might read this blog, one day.

Comment by lauren

sounds like a bit of a wanker if you ask me.

Comment by Marcus

Nah. Just a decent guy in need of some backing.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

right tosser.
with bad dress sense.

Comment by lauren

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