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Mmmmmmn Melbourne …
July 6, 2007, 7:15 am
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So in a few hours, I’m leaving Melbourne [though I’m back Monday!] and whilst it’s the most stylish, cultured and down-right cool state [literally, it’s freezing!] in the whole of Australia … these three pictures sum up the things I’ve loved most about being here …

 Winter Curry Warmth

 Cornflake Cake

creative cup of coffee Real Coffee

All the success of my Magic Meals has been wiped out in just 4 days, but sod it … coffee, cake and curry are gifts from culinary heaven so I can be forgiven. I can, can’t I Jilly?

Anyway, got alot of flying to do over the next few days so have a great weekend and hopefully I can see Age and gang next time. Ta-ra.

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argh! pictures of the CBD, honey jumbles and real coffee!! argh!! what are you trying to do rob, kill me?!

Comment by lauren

Kill you with kindness …

And there is a sense of hypocracy [spelt VERY badly] talking about this when I’m trying to get a homeless charity off the ground … but then life is all about hypocricy [still spelt VERY badly] isn’t it!

Comment by Rob

yes. very hypocritical of you. the worst case of hypocrisy i’ve ever, ever seen. and when i say hypocrisy, i mean attrociously bad spelling.

Comment by lauren

You can tell Jill wasn’t with you, can’t you.

Comment by George

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