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Branding Versus Brand …
July 5, 2007, 7:00 am
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It never fails to shock me how many marketing people think putting their logo on everything from tissue boxes to lift buttons makes them a well known brand.

There’s this seemingly unspoken belief that if your logo is well known, then your brand is desirable and your future success is a given.


Branding can be a very valuable strategy in building business and profitability, however unless there is some actual value attributable to that ‘brand’ – putting your name on everything can end up a total waste of time and money … not that many ‘small minded’ or ‘ego maniac’ marketing departments seem to notice.

It’s early morning and I am angry again. Morning.

PS: And no, it is not a coincidence that the 2 photos I’ve used are from banks. They are some of the worst culprits of them all!

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I love how some (mainly big) brands confuse ‘known’ with ‘liked and respected’.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Oh yes. I’m not saying logos are irrelevent, but it makes me laugh when I see people agonising over their identity got months, when it’s the stuff you put around it that REALLY matters.

Comment by NP

That said, the Midland Piggy Banks were great; but thats because they had relevance to the product as well as usefulness.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Branding is nonsense – the customers determine what your brand means to them, not the other way round. This derives as NP says from what you put around it – i.e. what you do.

Comment by John Dodds

I once told Coke that given they think they own the brand, would it still exist in the minds of consumers if they went bankrupt tomorrow.

The confusion on their face was priceless … but then most things I had to do with Coke ended up with that reaction, ha!

Comment by Rob

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