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Q: Why Did The Tin Man Want A Heart?
June 28, 2007, 5:20 pm
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A: Because he knew that’s what he needed to become a good planner.


If you can’t empathise and understand the ever-changing needs/wants/fears of society, then academic intelligence counts for little.

At least in adland.

Or should I say the adland that actually does stuff that means something to people.

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before anyone asks. Yes, he’s angry.

Comment by Marcus

I believe you can over intellectualise this advertising game, and all the knowledge of Postmodernism, Lacanism, Feminism, Motivational Theory won’t help a jot if you don’t understand what matters.

I also believe there’s a helluva lot of self-importance in advertising. These two combined make shit work, passionless crap which is (rightly) ignored by all.

Comment by Will

Sadly im sure often its the Cambridge grads that get the posts.

In my first interview I was sat with three people, one was from cambridge uni, one from oxford, one from edinburgh (or something like that).

If more agencies got that both Will and me would be employed by them right now.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Oh, though there are vast numbers of Oxbridge grads in advertising, I don’t begrudge them their roles.

I didn’t get onto a (conventional) grad scheme because I was a shit interviewee. It’s getting better.

And agencies want something to rely on – when sifting thousands of apps, you have to do it somehow, and regrettably, University is an easy and quick way to do it.

So – it’s all about amassing experience and proving to them you can do it. Or at least, it is in my experience.

Comment by Will

Of course. But in this particular industry its often dangerous to do so as personality and understanding are just as important (if not more)as educational background.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Oh, I don’t disagree.

But you can’t get someone’s personality from a piece of paper (pity).

It’d be nice to see grad interviews last longer than a day (and that’s for another post), for people to get a better idea of someone’s personality/understanding.

Blogging helps people (especially juniors) though. You can get more of a sense of a person (though not total) through their writing.

Comment by Will

Indeed. Which is why so many have weird writing tasks in their applications… just a shame so many focus on stupid random questions rather than intelligent ones!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

the tinman wanted a heart because he knew that’s what he needed to feel love, rob.

..and then to became a planner. 🙂

i’ve also been thinking a lot about empathy, etc lately, so thanks for this post. ironically, it’s impetus to do some research on it.. ha!

Comment by lauren

unfortunately it’s a common thing to replace hearts by brains in advertising today. the problem is: you won’t buy what you don’t know. and you won’t know what you don’t like. and you won’t like what does not touch your heart. and your heart won’t be touched by something addressed to the brain.

Comment by Seb

seb – that is so fucking poetic, i love it!

Comment by lauren

what the fuck has been going on here? i am assuming some robot planner has made some outrageous claim or demonstrated an inhuman approach to humans. whatever it is, my money, loyalty and confidence is on campbell because he is one of the best planning guys i have ever worked with and ive worked with a lot of the fuckers i can tell you.

maybe its because rob found out we all got a free iphones and he didnt, maybe its because hes still jetlagged from his cannes wank, maybe its because someone made some fucking stupid comment about people, but whatever the reason, hes obviously not happy and that means we should all be afraid; especially mr robot planner, wherever and whoever you are.

Comment by andy@cynic

He might be a planner, but he’s our planner, so don’t piss him off or you get it from all of us.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I’m not that brainy either.

Comment by Paul H. Colman

Paul … you are a smart bloke, I like your blog and I really enjoy reading how you think … however I felt that on 2 occasions, you’ve treated Marcus with a lack of respect and empathy and as I regard him as a mate, stood up for him.

OK, OK, I accept …

1 he is an adult and can fend for himself
2 he didn’t ask me to ‘look after him’
3 he probably wasn’t offended
4 you’ve met him and I haven’t

… but that’s how I am and I make no apologies for it. I appreciate this means I am painting myself as emotional judge, jury and executioner but that’s not really the case – I have no problem with people saying/questioning whatever they want – I just think there has to be a level of respect afforded to the other party, even if it is someone you’ve known for years.

Anyway, this is certainly not an anti-Paul thing – you are far too interesting to dislike [and besides, I have a long list of people who really deserve my energy of hate]] so if I went over-the-top I apologise and maybe one day we can even meet for a drink. Maybe.

Comment by Rob

oi campbell, why not send him flowers and ask for a kiss you big fucking pansy. anger may be your energy but your nice side is your circuit breaker. youd be fucking great in a war then after ten minutes youd be trying to make friends. must be your italian side 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

enough. stop it.

Comment by Marcus

maybe if i remind you we have a bunch of free iphones and you dont, your anger fires will be stoked. come on campbell, kill kill kill

Comment by andy@cynic

sorry marcus. holy shit, ive been tamed by a printer.

Comment by andy@cynic

no, you’ve not been tamed by a printer. You’ve been tamed by ME. Now, I mean it; enough. Stop it.

Comment by Marcus

I wouldnt keep reminding people of your free iphones should a wave of angry gadget and apple nuts track you down and beat you to death with their Newtons…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

No need to apologise Rob – generally I deserve what I get, and I’m okay with that.

If you’re as much fun as Marcus to have a sharpener with then I’d happily meet for a drink anytime.

Comment by Paul H. Colman

and everyone lived happily ever after. how fucking depressing 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

And the reason for Andy’s multiple divorces now becomes clear 🙂

Comment by George

why the fuck didnt you point that out to me ages ago george? i could have saved myself a fucking fortune and not then have to subject myself to planner bollocks each and every day. mind you by your reckoning, thats why we get along so maybe it was all part of some evil master plan. you manipulating shit. 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

I love this blog.
Good night.

Comment by Marcus Brown

George in slightly bitchy [but funny] SHOCK!

Still suffering from the effects of Cannes then, eh George? Ha

Comment by Rob

Oh and Paul … you’re on … and it might be sooner than you think, ha

Comment by Rob

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