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May The Force Not Be With My Accountant.
June 14, 2007, 7:20 am
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The Vadar Variations (no. 2)

Remember those godawful speakers Andy bought for the NY office?

Well to counteract their ugly poncyness, I’ve errrrrm, just ordered this … and our accountant is going off like Darth Vadar on a bad hair day! 

[I only did it because Jill wouldn’t let me have one for home! The bitch! 🙂 ]

Hey, it’s not like its a total waste of space or money … on top of things like an iPOD charger, webcam and USB phone … it has a built in DVD player AND projector in his head, so we can show clients their ads and stuff from it.

As far as I am concerned, that’s a justifiable business expense and I’ll fight anyone who disagrees.

Please can I have my expenses paid on this … pleeeeeeeease!

Oh, and following the disappointment of not winning the big, secret pitch … a big congratulations to the guys for …

1 Winning a fucking wonderful creative assignment from DIESEL.

2 Achieving some of the highest consumer taste scores in B&J’s history for flavour combinations they came up with.

[Still waiting on the results for your concept Mr M … fingers crossed!]

I am really, really glad for you all, you absolutely deserve it and I can’t wait to see what exciting stuff you come up with for the Iti-fashionistas. 

Apart from the fact I am potentially quite out-of pocket [go on, please pay me back Ian, pleeeeeease!] this is one of those days where life feels really, really good … and its not because I bought a ridiculously overpriced electronic gadget, it’s because I am seeing people I care deeply about shine and start to really believe in what they are capable of achieving together.

Call me an old tosser, but I believe the role of a boss/company is to take ‘people’ on a journey of education, inspiration and challenge so that one day when they invariably leave, they go somewhere far better than they would otherwise of achieved. 

Of course you never want people to move on – but if you know they look back and feel you had a massive influence in what they have – and continue to – achieve, then it makes it all worth while.

In all honesty, seeing the guys flourish and win great business [against great companies] because of that talent is wonderful and as much as it pains me, its testimony to both George and Andy’s leadership, talent and downright greatness.

Even though that last sentence made me sick, I feel like a proud Dad and I have to admit that I like that feeling.

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does he come with the DVD player?

Comment by lauren

It’s built into his head – as is the projector!

It’s fucking brilliant isn’t it Lauren!!!

Comment by Rob

rob, what you fail to understand is this is a win win for ian and cynic. we get one of the fucking coolest pieces of tat the world has ever seen and it doesnt cost us a dime. and unlike the deal we do with apple, we dont have to do any work for you either. hold your nerve ian, were all behind you.

do you regret writing those lovely words about george, me and our little family now? pah, as if we give a shit, we have a free r2d2, some fucking exciting new business and fawning praise from mr cynic himself.

fuck win win, this is a win, win, win situation.

Comment by andy@cynic


And well done on the Diesel stuff, that sounds fantastic, but not as fantastic as R2.

Do you think women would get as excited about him as we are? Then Lauren did, so maybe R2D2 is the acceptable face of gadgets.

Now there’s an insight!

Comment by Pete

i want one. now. in fact i’ve just emailed our cfo.
congrats on diesel.

Comment by gareth


Are we really getting it?

When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When?

Holy fuck Rob, you are the God of geekdom and I thank him for letting me live in your shadow.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Look what you’ve done Rob, you’ve made 60 adults suddenly behave like little brats at Christmas time. But to put a cat amongst the pigeons, why did you only buy the NY office one, don’t you think the bods at Sydney and Singapore deserve one too? 🙂

Comment by George

i know r2d2 comes with the dvd, you fool – i meant the spunky boy with the mohawk!!! although r2d2 is pretty fucking cool too.

Comment by lauren

That thing is wicked!
It’s all the good vibes emanating from this blog!

Comment by Age

Gareth … if you want, I’ll buy your blokes in Franceland a drink and encourage them to buy you your own personal R2D2. Would that help?

[Any news on you-know-what by the way?]

Lauren: Sorry I didn’t realise you were being all chicklike and talking about the man-candy. But does he really rock your boat? Andy will be devastated.

Pete: I don’t know if you’ll get too far with that insight, but by all means go for it – I am sure you can make a case for that being why we don’t all have them in the home. Cough Cough.

George: You absolute shit. You had to do it didn’t you. Now I feel totally guilty and shamed to potentially putting my hand in my pocket AGAIN. I won’t though – not till Ian dolls back the spondoolies I’ve already coughed up, ha!

Billy: Calm down. Yes, you can call him your special friend, but just don’t fill any of his ‘holes’ with things that shouldn’t be there.

I love the fact that over the weeks I’ve been writing some rather serious posts and the one that has got everyone going mental is R2D2. I love this blog, it’s basically an ego-balancer for me, haha!

Comment by Rob

no news. i’ll make sure the boys have your number. lance goes by the nickname vader…

Comment by gareth

Vader … but he might want to kill me for buying R2, I’m scared – I’m very, very scared.

[For scared, read ‘sad’]

Comment by Rob

I believe this counts as employment harrasment which triggers the official work practice response of “tough titties”. Let me see it first, then I’ll decide with Andy and George.

Comment by Ian Hart

Ian, have you ever seen the end of Star Wars. Like the very end.

Give Rob his money.


Comment by Marcus

To be honest, I dont really care for Star Wars… but even I can see the cool geek value of that that R2D2.

I’ll hope for good news on the ice cream!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Hang on Mr M? I thought you were committed to the dark side?

Comment by Marcus

I am, ive never watched any of the star wars films the whole way through.

“Whats a Nubian…”

Comment by Rob Mortimer

My wife is going to kill you for letting me know that exists.
Is there a Jar Jar Binks one?

Comment by NP

this is great. I even would have bought the thing if it only could drive around making funny noises. But with DVD-Player, projector and iPod-thingy…I wonder your clients faces when you do a presentation via R2D2.

by the way: hello again. anyone fancy a free Howard Carpendale CD?

Comment by Seb

and by the way, these speaker look like anal backdoors. though it’s a nice idea of having Queen songs played by assholes.

Comment by Seb

I’d just like to brag my Mum was involved in the first Star Wars film as a translator for the Italian version.

Poor thing re-typed the script into Italian and then the post service lost it and she had to do it again.

I buy this R2 in her honour. [Ahem]

Comment by Rob

That’s an awesome story about your mum, tell her I said…

Hai un figlio molto intelligente e molto generoso.
E stato cresciuto veramente bene.
Devi essere molto orgolioso di lui!!


Comment by Age

Your Mum is cool AND she must be able to cook. Maternal dynamite

Comment by NP

Three cheers for Rob’s mum, and her R2-D2 owning son.

Comment by Will

just to clarify, rob doesnt own r2, he just paid for it. thank you

Comment by andy@cynic

Nicely put Andy!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

No Andy, let ME clarify … Rob OWNS R2D2, he is just lending it to you. Thank YOU!

Oh and Ian … very funny comment. For an accountant. 🙂

Comment by Rob

[…] R2D2 is so yesterday … I want one of these! […]

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