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Good News / Bad News …
June 13, 2007, 7:20 am
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The last time I felt ridiculously happy – excluding my engagement of course – was when AGE gave us his toptastic news  …

Well now I have some more wonderful news and that is my dear Hari is going to be a Dad. HURRAH!

It goes without saying he is going to be a fantastic Dad, but given

1 His Father was such a great role model

2 He sits with Freddie – a man who can get his wife pregnant just by looking at her

… we can be assured he is going to be one of the best Dad’s ever.*

However being true to Yin Yang, we need some balance to all this good news and so it is with regret I have to announce we didn’t win the massive, exciting secret pitch I mentioned a while back.

Actually it was us that ‘pulled the plug’ on the whole process [for mature, sensible business reasons that I don’t want to scare you with, ha!] but it’s still disappointing – especially as I feel we’ve sort-of let down our wonderful, clever, talented and passionate colleagues who did such a brilliant job that the client in question [who I am still not allowed to say, sorry] was – and still is – frothing at the mouth to make it happen.

Thanks guys, you’re all bloody tops and I am sorry that sometimes money is the barrier to glory.  Lets see what happens …

* Note I didn’t say BEST Dad Ever – because that accolade goes to my ol’ man I’m afraid! But don’t worry Hari, you’ll be right up there with Fred, Marcus, George and everyone else on this blog! 🙂

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Great news, congrats Hari!

Comment by Age

Well done Hari and bad luck guys.

I know you took the decision, but it’s still disappointing especially as I was looking forward to the hell that would have been splashed all over the front of Adage.

Comment by Pete

Congratulations! well described!

Comment by Mansi

A whole blog post dedicated to 2.5 minutes of work. Excellent news Hari – very happy for you.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Thanks a lot guys! My better half joins me in thanking everyone for their wishes.

Comment by Hari

2.5 minutes??? Are you showing off again Marcus!

Comment by Rob

No, just giving Hari the benefit of the doubt.

Comment by Marcus

Congratulations Hari, and saying no is the hardest and sometimes most rewarding word that people can say in this business Rob.

Comment by Charles Frith

Congratulations Hari!

At least it was your decision rather than theirs that stopped it… tough luck guys.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You’re right Charles, sometimes saying “no” is the most important word that can be said, and while it had to be done, it sadden me all the brilliant work by our guys won’t get to cause the massive industry stir we were working towards.

Saying that …

1. Client ‘X’ are still keen in us ‘exploring’ ways to work together.

2. We had 2 rather good pieces of news today.

See, there’s always a silver lining … except I did something which has caused a rather black cloud to form over the head of Ian, cynic’s financial director. Oops.

[See tomorrow’s post for details!]

Comment by Robert

1. Please do. Id hate to see work that you guys think is good miss out completely.

2. Two pieces? Sounds good… care to elaborate?

You didnt buy that jet did you? Poor Ian!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Yep 2 pieces, one more impressive than the other, but still very good timely news.

And no, it’s not a jet – he’d at least see some use/benefit in that.

Got to go, need plastic surgery and a name change to avoid his anger, ha!

Comment by Rob

Congratulations Hari, and sorry to hear about the pitch Rob – but I’m with Charles on this one; kudos to you for saying no.

Comment by Will

congratulations hari, to you and your wife!

is that the same Ian the financial director who you posted about in his boxers a while back? if so, i think you really do need to think about running, rob. and fast!

Comment by lauren

God Lauren you have a memory like an elephant. No, it’s not ‘pants-Ian’ … same name, similar job, different person. Thank God, ha!

Comment by Rob

Well done Hari.
And well done Cynic for standing your ground.

Comment by NP

I should point out it wasn’t a case of ‘standing our ground’ … the client was/is all for our idea and philosophy … it was to do with the sheer scale of the business and the cost / time / investment implications we would have to manage.

We’re still talking … and we still like eachother … but while we want to grow, we don’t want to lose what we are all about and with something of the scale of this client [not to mention the coverage we’d get if we pulled it off – which was still never certain] it was all too much for us. For now.

Comment by Rob

hari is potent. congratulations.

Comment by andy@cynic

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