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Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner?
June 7, 2007, 7:13 am
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An Inconvenient Truth

2 weeks today … Gore dines with Campbell.

The poor, poor man.

Actually I think the word ‘eats’ is more appropriate than ‘dines’ because lets face it, my choice in culinary delights stretches to kebabs, donuts and the wonders of the Magic Meal … but as long as it doesn’t come in any disposable packaging he should be OK shouldn’t he?

Yes – I know this is a gratuitous moment of star-fucking, but it’s better than arranging a dinner with a gorgeous movie star under the guise of ‘casting them in a campaign’ when in reality it’s because you believe they will fancy you and you’ll end up shagging a bird of uber-beauty and fame. Andy.

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who would most people prefer to gaze into the eyes of and make small talk with – a beautiful and sexy international actress or some wrinkled, old alleged environmentalist.? i rest my case.

Comment by andy@cynic

Nice one!!!!!!!

Comment by Charles Frith

Al Gore? How? Why? Is this all part of your ”master plan” idea or are you both Forest fans or something? With Michael Moore, Bob Geldof and Richard Branson all being fans of the Campbell brain, should we be expecting a run for the US Presidency with Gore as your senior advisor? For a rough looking man from Nottingham, you do mix in interesting circles. What is going on?

Comment by Pete

few more points to make.

1 the only reason rob is meeting al gore instead of me is because i have a fucking broken leg.

2 even with his big dick buddies, rob couldnt get into a fast food joint, let alone a seat in power. (remember the micheal moore vs mcdonalds incident, rob? i rest my case. again.)

3 pete, do you realise you have just fucked off jamie oliver big time?

Comment by andy@cynic

I sense a hint of jealousy Andy 🙂 Anyway, tell me why have I annoyed the cooking meister?

Comment by Pete

Ahhh… from this blog I learn so much!

Planning and Thinking in Advertising from Rob.
Perks and Picking Up in Advertising from Andy.

Eternallly greatful to both of you.

Comment by Age

because you didnt name check him in your usa campbell proposed government despite him once visiting this blog to show rob up for the starfucker he really is.

come on pete, who else is going to cook the fancies when the rest of the “government” are busy deciding the critical issues of the day like whether newsreaders should be hot or topless. think man, think.

Comment by andy@cynic

stick with me age, youll go far and get laid more often.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes Age … stick with Andy and you’ll get laid more, but only if [1] you have a bulging bank account and [2] a great divorce lawyer! 🙂

As for why, it’s a long story but yes, it is linked to the “master plan” idea but not as literally as the other people you mentioned.

Hope you survived your time with Andy and the boys and look forward to seeing you in a few weeks time.

Comment by Rob


Comment by andy@cynic

Wow, I’m impressed. Can I just casually pop in ;)?

Comment by Jade

Name droppings.

Good Morning.

Comment by Marcus Brown

I’m impressed. Did you introduce him to our mutual friend, Mr Bribe?

Comment by Will

I know how much you love name-dropping Marcus, so this post is dedicated to you and Jade, feel free to pop on in, I’ll be the terrorist looking bloke being frisked by the CIA in the corner.

Comment by Robert

At least the CIA won’t have to investigate the contents of your socks.

Comment by Marcus Brown

But as I wear camo Birkies … they’ll probably think I am trying to blend in with the background so that I can go about doing my ‘hit’ undetected.

Can I just point out right now to any FBI/CIA tracking device in the internetsphere, that I am NOT going to do anything nasty to Al Gore, we’re just eating and having a chat.

Don’t you love how ‘casual’ I am trying to make this sound, hahaha!

Comment by Robert

I bought an Al Gore doll…

“You are hearing me talk…”

Still, kudos for meeting the guy. The most unfairly unelected President in US history.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I think Al gets kudos for meeting me … not because I am think I am a ‘somebody’ … but because I’m absolutely not, ha!

Comment by Rob

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