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BOREDroom: Tuesday’s Score!
June 5, 2007, 5:20 pm
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Based on this conference, my personal score for today would be … 

Number Five

[The scary thing is that I think the delegates would rate it much higher!]

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I would have been less drowsy in the afternoon if someone could have figured out the perfect balance between Powerpoint projection lighting and room dimming. At least the occasional swear word was refreshing. 😉

Comment by leigh

Thank you leigh for giving me a new vocation in life – refreshing distraction at boring business conferences.

It could be like half-time at the superbowl, only no tit flashes and much, much more profanity.

Comment by lauren

So Leigh has inadvertently given Lauren a job to consider … “Half Time, Swearer-For Hire”

Well if you come to Singapore today at about 1pm, we will be waiting for our ‘entertainment’.

[Even one swear word will do Lauren, I’m not doing any presenting today so I guarantee no one else will be saying a bad word – they’re all far too professional]

Comment by Rob

unfortunately, i’ll just to be there in spirit. but here’s your wednesday swearword: fuckhead. hope that gets you through the day 🙂

oh, hi mrs campbell!

Comment by lauren

Fuckhead? Is that it? I probably said that about 20 times yesterday. Maybe you’re not as good as Andy and I once thought 🙂

Comment by Robert

I fear Lauren’s reply to that…

Comment by Age

Comment by lauren

Dramatic tension. Like it.

Comment by Will

Fuckhead achieved. Twice.

Comment by Rob

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