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When The Office Is Better Than The Home …
May 25, 2007, 7:10 am
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Following on from previous posts about office environments, Gavin emailed me about the blog they’ve set up, detailing the renovation work they’re doing to their fantastic offices in Shanghai.

It is definitely worth a look because …

1 You can see how they are including feng shui into the environment [which is hugely important in Asia] whilst still creating an atmosphere of energy, collaboration and creativity.

2 You will realise there is at least one Multinational CEO who gives a damn about the environment his staff work in. 

Yep, you see Gavin is the CEO of the hugely successful TBWA China … plus he is a great planner and great bloke.

How come he got all the luck? The bastard! Ha!

So go check it out by clicking here and if you like what you see and think you want to work there … drop me an ‘e‘ … because I need to get back into his good books after fucking him about/off a while back, Ha!


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wow. that is impressive. i always like exterior environments brought into interior spaces. although i might have kept the office furniture looking a little less ikea-like. good night.

Comment by lauren

Not bad, but does their office have bedrooms and a trampoline to reach the high shelf?
I rest my case.

Comment by George

Good point … and with all the space they have, maybe I should tell Gavin the huge oversight, ha!

Comment by Rob

… it’s time to change the home

Comment by Hari

Are you resigning Hari? Is this a blog first?

Comment by Robert

What office? I said it’s time to change my home. Which a sensitive boss would read as “I have to give the poor guy a raise”

Comment by Hari

but then again having seen the result with Billy, I shall hold out no hopes

Comment by Hari

Good idea Hari … I’d hate to disappoint you. 🙂

Comment by Rob

That looks pretty cool!
Have to agree with everything that’s been said, office space is incredibly important. I know where I work it’s almost as important as the work that leaves the front door. Lauren can attest to this.
I love bringing clients or friends into our office. First impressions count for a lot and when you couple the environment with cool energetic people who are proud of their surroundings, I reckon it shows in the work.

Comment by Age

Most things are better than my tiny little flat in London. Yes, even offices.

And aye, I’d echo the point about working somewhere you are proud of. I have a post about the Tate Modern’s architecture (which I’ll spoil you with later) relating to this.

Comment by Will

Lots of curved surface, how friendly!
I wonder who the sharp corners are pointng at?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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