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We’re Doomed … Doomed I Tell You!
May 25, 2007, 4:50 pm
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First Singapore experiences an earthquake … then Second Life experiences a nuclear attack [while you’re there, check out Age’s wonderful post about ‘love’] and then back in Singapore, I casually look out my office window on the 36th floor [at 16:36hrs today] and see this coming towards me …

For a country that is supposed to be nice and safe, it’s bloody given me more scares than my time in England, Australia and America combined!

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Christ, you OK?

Comment by Pete

Bloody hell! Hope you’re alright

Comment by NP

By the way, I’ve been stupidly busy, Dad’s not well, but strike me down and call me Hubert, I’m posting this afternoon.

Comment by NP

Listen guys … I appreciate your concern but I am no Kate Aidie, at the first sign of trouble I’m out-of-there so the fact I am posting should prove I am alive, well and blogging instead of working. [I am dead on Monday!]

NP – hope all is OK with your ol’ man and I am looking forward to reading your mind [so to speak] later today.

Comment by Rob

I’ll let you off the revenge post for a while as you were nearly blown away!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You want to know something Mr M … it’s actually in my diary to write that post next Wednesday.

How I’ve not done it this week when I’ve done sod all, I find amazing … but I haven’t. YET!

Comment by Rob

I’ll make a note of that..!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Damn! Ha.

Don’t worry, Katerina [cynic’s ‘enforcer’] has it in her diary as well and the only time she has let me off anything was when I was in hospital being operated on … and even then she only gave me an extra day.

[Hello K!]

Comment by Rob

I like her already 😉

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Welcome to the club. Minutes ago our agency was in the heart of the worst fucking thunderstorm I’ve ever seen. We had to shout to be heard on the other side of the desk because the thunder was that loud. And you know what’s crazy. Now the sun is shining like there has happened nothing in the last hour.

Anyway it’s good that you’re fine. What would I do all day without this blog? Well, obviously I would work. Or do the APSotW-thing. Ha.

Comment by Seb

Seb, my productivity has been sooooo bad this week that I have decided to work away from all internet access till Friday next week so that I might – just might – catch up with all the work I should have done but didn’t.

This blogmaloney thing is like bloody crack – or probably more appopriate, the youth club.

Comment by Rob

I still manage to do some work. Because the time delay between us means that when you say “I’m off to bed now!”, I still have 4 hours to work. Anyway I missed to post stuff on my blog just because I am ranting around yours all the time. Damn.

Comment by Seb

nice little twister you have brewing there mr campbell.

perhaps we all need to give you a helping hand this week and boycott your blog. In fact, i might post something along those lines and encourage everyone else to do the same.

Comment by lauren

No wonder Jill likes you so much Lauren with helpful comments like that – but be rest assured, it wasn’t the blogging that stopped me working – but the fact I have to write one of the World’s most pointless presentations which I don’t like, care for or want to do.

Once it’s out the way – my productivity [which scarily is normally very high, even though I say it myself] will be back which willl keep George and the like very happy, haha!

Comment by Rob

I can’t help but see this as a metaphor for the storm brewing thanks to your procrastinating this week Rob! hahaha! Hope you survive both!

Comment by Age

Funny … because both have the power to take my house away.

Boom Tish.

Comment by Rob

It’s Sunday, and I presume you’re still alive. If not, can I have your book collection please?

Thank you.

Comment by Marcus

Hello Marcus, yes Rob did survive but just for your information, the book collection is actually the property of cynic so he couldn’t give it to you even if he wanted to. Just clearing up any legal confustion prior to any claim you may wish to make in the future. 🙂

Comment by George


Comment by Marcus Brown

I just noticed all those shipping liners right next to that thing, CRAZY!

Comment by Age

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