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Does Furniture Colour Separate Us From Companies?
May 24, 2007, 8:40 am
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So I was in the reception of a client of ours yesterday when I saw their sofa.

Now you might not think there is anything really worth noting about it other than the horrible colour – but to me that is the point.

If you were in a shop looking for a new couch for home, would you really choose one that is in pink … or salmon … or whatever arty-farty designers call colours these days?

Probably not, and yet this sofa did not look out of place in their reception … and not because their reception is some garish ugly thing  … infact it is fresh, clean and bright.

However this got me thinking, if companies have furniture in colours that we would NEVER [or are very unlikely to] have at home … are they subliminally demonstrating their desire to be ‘different’ from their consumers, despite all the claims of their fawning adveritising?

This could be – and probably is – total bollocks so if it is, here’s a photo of the ‘Fat Mona Lisa’ we have hanging in our lounge. [Most normal people wouldn’t buy that either]

Hang on .. hang on … if I follow my ‘theory’, then that last comment demonstrates my subliminal desire to be isolated from society! Bollocks! What a crap post.

Talking of crap, read another waste of your time by going here … and lets hope normal service [if ‘normal’ exists] resumes tomorrow! Ta-ra.

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Nonna would love to squeeze those cheeks, Fat Mona.

hehehe, if anything, this post made me laugh though Rob.

Comment by Age

Will this go down as the first ever Rob C apologetic post? 🙂

Comment by Will

i think having taste and wanting nice things about is OK and doesn’t always translate into an ‘us vs them’ mentality.

Comment by lauren

One agency I went to had white leather sofas in their huge reception…looked like they were trying far too hard!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

We have huge white leather sofas in our reception as well. Thank God we also have those fucking horrible ‘triffid’ speakers that Andy bought or we might look almost ‘professional’, ha!

Comment by Rob

Trust me, you had to see it to sense just how hard they were trying!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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