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Why Forest Why?
May 21, 2007, 8:20 am
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First leg … we win 2-0 AWAY from home …

Friday night … 2nd leg …  sure, our strikers are all out injured but 3 of our other first teamers are back in for the match, a match that can take us to [new] Wembley and then promotion … what could go wrong?

We lose 5-2.  FIVE FUCKING TWO and another season of anonymous football beckons.

I am totally and utterly gutted and whilst this could make a good foundation to talk about the irrational love a football supporter has for his team, to be quite honest, I’m too upset to do it.

And to my best mate Paul – I know this was your doing – how many times do I have to tell you, when you go to a game, they lose!

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Oh dear. Should I tell Jill to remove all sharp objects from the kitchen drawers or did she already do that to stick them in your eyeballs when you broadcast her youtube impression?

Comment by Pete

Jill is tops … she only stuck a knife in my head 3 times before deciding I’d ‘learnt my lesson’.

What a girl …

Comment by Rob

Try being a fucking Saints supporter.

Comment by Marcus

You don’t know you’re born Marcus …

Forest have won the European Cup TWICE … are still in the top 30 most supported teams in the British Isles … have one of the most expensive squads outside of the premiership AND ARE STILL IN THE FUCKING 3rd DIVISION.

The Saints are an average side with a very, very good manager who enjoyed more years in the Premiership than they deserved [thanks to Sir Le Tissier] and are still in the Championship.

There is no comparisson mate … none at all …

Comment by Rob

bloody planners.

Comment by Marcus

Bloody printers …

Comment by Rob

Just reminds me of how good a manager Brian Clough was…

From what I saw Forest didnt deserve to win.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

They played like shite, total shite … it kills me. 7 points clear in the league earlier in the year and they can’t even get to the playoff finals.

They have no fight … no pride … and I am glad the Forest fans cheered Yeovil [God it kills me just typing their name] off the park because they demonstrated all the attributes that makes Football a wonderful game.

Why I continually buy a season ticket is beyond me – but it could be worse, Paul’s Dad has invested millions in the club and in a few years, all he will have to show for it is the most well fertilised piece of grass in the World.

[Afterall, 10 million quids worth of shit is put on it each weekend, boom-tish]

Devastated … absolutely devastated …

Comment by Rob

Yeah I saw that too.
Its a shame really, after all they achieved just a couple of decades ago.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Thanks Rob … keep reminding me how far they have fallen why don’t you, hahaha!

Comment by Rob

You cant make that many games surely?!
Flying halfway round the world to see Forest? Thats dedication!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Don’t worry Rob, I’m not that dedicated/stupid … I just buy it to help support the club I love as well as demonstrate my loyalty and stupidity to the masses, ha!

Comment by Rob

I feel your pain rob. when i lived in sydney, i a season ticket holder for the south sydney rabbitohs – the only team to get relegated (and we don’t even have a second division), then to get back into the league and still fuck up. we’re currently being supported by the two richest pretty boys on the planet (russell crowe and peter holmes à court) and have managed to go from 3rd to 9th in a matter of 3 weeks. yet i still check the scores each week to see how they’re doing… pfft!

Comment by lauren

I wish I could afford a season ticket just for the loyalty!!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

oh Rob, somehow I feel for you. I love Schalke 04 and though it’s not as tough as being a fan of Nottingham (wait I think the last time I had them in FIFA soccer was 1998). they led the table for 15 fucking 😉 weeks and then two weeks before end of season played the worst fucking 🙂 crap on this planet and made only 2nd place. bloody bastards. but every team I support played shit 😉 in the last season (hello Arsenal). maybe I should sopt being a supporter just to make them successful again…

Comment by Seb

Well, I have to say I don’t give a fuck about football at the moment – I go to watch Exeter fail at Wembley (great stadium, btw), and Stoke can’t quite make it into the playoffs. Grr.

I know for a fact we are better (and have beaten) Southampton, West Brom and Wolves. If those fucking Baggies make it up, I’m holding two last minute equalisers (and I know where you live, Nick Barmby) to blame.

Roll on next season.

And as for Forest – no opinion, except that Kris ‘fatty’ Commons is a monumental wasted talent, who should have stayed at the Potters.

Comment by Will

Same here Seb!

Cmon AC Milan!!!!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

YAY! Schalke will in the Champions League and Arsenal will win Premier League beating 👿 Chelsea and 😈 Tottenham! ha.

Comment by Seb

did I say beating? I mean destroying, crushing, embarassing 👿 Chelsea and 👿 Tottenham. haha.

Comment by Seb

have you ever heard the phrase ”tell someone who gives a shit you fucking season ticket holding monkey”? hope that helps numb the pain for you. 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Go Benny! (see earlier post comments)

Comment by Rob Mortimer

benny hill probably got laid more times than everyone on this blog put together so being called that is a fucking honour as far as i am concerned. better than the george michael of advertising or nps fave, the freddie mercury. so long virgins 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

So you are telling a blog that Mr Branson sometimes reads that its bad to be a Virgin?

So (dread to say it), who am I then??

Comment by Rob Mortimer

good fucking point mortimer. for stopping me fucking up our great relationship with our great client, you can be the kofi anan of advertising. how fucking generous is that eh.

Comment by andy@cynic


You DO have a heart Andy! But dont worry, i’ll keep it between us 😉

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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