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Late But Great [Redux]
May 21, 2007, 8:30 am
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Following on from my post about the Sony Video Walkman, here’s the full-length ad that goes along with the teasers shown previously.

I’ve pretty much said all I have to say on this matter – so I’ll let you know how it all goes and show you the rest of the campaign as it evolves/finish it, ha! 

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Like you have nothing more to add to the background of the campaign, neither do I in my praise of what you guys are doing for Sony and for how much I like this. Very unSony, very unPortable Music Player advertising, very unAsian communication. Fantastic. Can’t wait to see the rest of the campaign as it breaks and please come and work for us, especially as we’re the agency of choice for planners after WK, 🙂

Comment by Pete

This work works.
Will look amazing on TV and cinemas. You’ve really created a colourful, dramatic world.

Comment by Age

I really like this. I think ‘Feel’ fits into the whole concept really well. You just need to add taste and smell and you would have covered off the 5 senses :).

Comment by Jade

Its a good idea produced really well.

Oh and well done Pete!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Marcus, it works

Comment by NP

did I ever say it didn’t work?

Comment by Marcus

Just in case

Comment by NP

yes marcus. it works. rob – nice one!
the whole ‘feel’ business is not like i thought it would be where you would just have FEEL hanging there like a noose at the end, with a small sony. in fact i think the short, sharp brand ‘credits’ at the end are great and memorable in the fact that they don’t hang around all that long.
now, to back it up with a great product….

Comment by lauren

he might be a pain in the fucking arse a lot of the time lauren, but he is fucking good at what he does. of course its because he works with me and my high standards but ill let him bask in some of my praise mainly because i had fuck all to do with the ad so cant big note myself. of course if i had done the ad then the gang members would look like they could kill someone rather than offer to brush your hair, but thats just creative nit picking isnt it. 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Haha… good point, but its still a great ad!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

A sort-of compliment from Andy … we’re becoming like one happy family now aren’t we???

We could be the ‘Carpenters of Adland’ if it wasn’t for the fact we have anti-anorexia, ha!

Comment by Rob

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