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Why I Love Jill …
May 18, 2007, 7:04 am
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Many of you know I recently got engaged to Jill, and if you go here, you’ll read a few reasons why I love her so much and want to spend the rest of my life [and if I am lucky / she is unlucky] any subsequent lives with her as well.*

Anyway my lovely girl puts up with alot of things – having to video her bloke while he embarks on iPOD Singing, the infamous Jillyism blog [a new post is up there by the way] and just recently, eating Sheep’s Eyes for Russell Davies ‘Interesting Conference’ [coming soon] … yet despite all this, she maintains her wonderful, happy, open, kind, loving attitude towards me which begs the question, WHY????

Putting all that aside, a couple of days ago – and for reasons I’m still trying to fathom – she decided to grab a pair of my old glasses, screw up her face and act out the main catchphrase of a character Ricky Gervais plays in his comedy ‘EXTRAS: Series 2’ [see above]

Unlike Paris Hilton, Jill KNEW I was videoing her so she can’t really complain that I am sharing it with you … and whilst she’s not exactly happy at the impression I am giving the World of her [especially as she is actually very clever *2], she accepted the ring so she has to accept the nightmare that is being with me. Ahem.

So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, make yourselves comfortable, sit back and watch Jill Barker perform ‘Ray Stokes’

Whatcha reckon?  Any good?

I appreciate this will only mean something if you have seen the show [click here for a clip] but when you see the only other fool … I mean individual … on YouTube whose had a crack at it, you’ll realise Jill wins by a landslide.

All that leaves me to say is if anyone out there has a couch I can sleep on, can you please let me know as I have a feeling I might need it for a few days.

Jilly … I love you … I do … please don’t hurt me … yes, I am just showing off infront of my mates … please don’t change the locks … I even put this post behind the more ‘serious one’ so people might not of seen it … don’t hit me there … ooh that hurts, that really bloody hurts …  etc etc etc

* Ignoring the fact no one else would have me, ha!

*2 When she is half asleep.

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ive seen this post jill, and despite what rob is “claiming”, it wasnt hidden very well and is a really terrible slight on your character.
you could either sue the fucker or wait till he gets home then kick the smug bastard as hard in the bollocks as you can. if i may be so bold, may i suggest you get your leg and foot plastered beforehand? think about it, not only will it protect your pinkies but it will give added pain power to your kick.
have fun, ill be thinking of you. and him.

Comment by andy@cynic

Smug bastard? Me? Not as much as you are for writing that comment. I can see your smile from here Boucher! I should be angry but it is exactly what I’d do to you if the tables were turned. Damn

Comment by Rob

Some people may assume that Rob, in a (feeble) effort to protect his manhood, posted this seeking to turn off any potential suitors who have been planning to come and sweep me off my feet and out of his clutches… Lucky for him, I quite fancy his somewhat bizarre (and admittedly highly embarassing for me… ) expressions of love for me.
Thank you Andy – though we have never met, you came to my defense… and suggest a tempting way of getting my revenge – which perhaps I should video & post here…

Comment by Jill

its a pleasure jill and the only reason weve not yet met is because rob knows youd want me the moment you saw me and doesnt want to screw up his relationship because he knows he wouldnt be able to con another babe into liking him again.

of course whether he can keep you from me for much longer is the big question but i hope he can because i cant afford to pay any more cash out in fucking alimony.

kick him hard. really, really hard. ax

Comment by andy@cynic

And given I don’t have much money – her loyalty is because she actually loves me.



Eat shit my dear Andy … 🙂

Comment by Rob

the worlds gone mad, fucking mad. id say theres no accounting for taste but youd only turn that back on me you smug shit. you deserve eachother. both fucking nutters. 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Here friends, two different types of love on display…
Rob and Jill – awww!
Rob and Andy – get fucked you prick.

One emotion, two different executions. So much to learn from this blog.


Comment by Age

If you’re looking for the Online School of How To To Get a Long Way in Advertising (or whatever it’s now called), you’ve just found it. Welcome.


(and Jill, it’s a great video. Be proud. But kick him in the balls anyway).

Comment by Marcus

kick him in the balls for me jill.

Comment by Billy Whizz

most girls i know wouldn’t be caught dead either in front of a camera with their face screwed up like that (even though it’s not too bad an impression), OR be so damned gracious when their [slightly mad] boyfriend, ahem, fiancé put it up on YouTube AND a blog. you are one tough chick jill!! i’m well impressed.
and i mean that in the classiest way possible. 🙂

Comment by lauren

Has anyone considered what a nice, decent, loving guy I am for getting married to a chick who WANTS to be videoed doing screwed up facial impressions.

Well … have you? I’m a fucking Saint I reckon.


Comment by Rob

A saint who appears to be about to only have testicles in the singular sense….

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Saint Womble [think about it]

Comment by Rob

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