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Infectious Acts Of Kindness …
May 17, 2007, 8:50 am
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I found this post sitting in my ‘drafts’ folder – it’s from quite a while back and to be honest, I can’t remember what was causing me so much angst, but because I am so environmentally focused, I thought that rather than ‘chuck it out’, I’d bung it up because errrrrrm, I like the picture of the little baby. Ahhhhhhhh ….

he smiles.

I’ve been rather grumpy recently – even more than usual – and it has actually started to piss me off. 

I am generally quite a happy chappie and I generally love my job – however for reasons I won’t go into, I’ve been majorly fucked off as of late.

Anyway, I was having a chat to George about it all [it’s a work thing that is causing my frustration] and he reminded me of something I used to tell him to do when he was going through ‘phases-of-pain’.

Believe it or not, whenever he was fed up, pissed off, angry, depressed … I would basically force him go out into the World and be nice to someone … anyone … over and over again!

Seriously. I know that sounds hippy-wank, but it’s what I used to tell him to do. And he did it!

So despite the fact I wanted to bite the heads off everyone I came across [sorry everyone] I practiced what I preached and forced myself to go out and have a ‘walk’.

Within 2 minutes I had come across a pregnant woman huffing and puffing down the street.

Feeling bloody nervous and stupid … I desperately tried to make myself look less scary [remember, I look like this] and said to her, “Excuse me for saying this, but I just wanted to let you know you look fantastic.”

Now if a bloke like me went up to a woman who WASN’T pregnant and said this, you’d probably have to contend with …

1 A smack in the face

2 A very, very nervous looking woman

3 A jail sentence

… however because this poor woman was suffering from the weight of ‘pregnancy’, she didn’t do any of these things, she burst into a massive smile, stood up straighter and said “Thank you, that’s very kind”.

And you know what … in an instant I felt better. 

Even though this act had nothing to do with the work issues that are causing me some major frustration … I felt happier than I had done in a few days.

So what is the point of this post?

Well, we all get very easily consumed by our own lives … our own problems … our own issues … and before you know it, you’re missing out on the things that can change your World for the better and bringing other peoples lives down to your hell.

Given my job is to try and actually understand and appreciate how other people feel/think/worry – coming across as a bad-tempered bastard is hardly conducive to me being good at what I do so if you ever want to get some sort of happiness back into your life … then get out of your office/home, pull your head out your arse and go and be nice to someone … anyone … it will make everyone involved feel happier and more positive which we could all do with once in a while.

See I told you it was a weird post – but it sort of does fit in with the whole ‘optimism’ thing I’ve been banging on about.

Oh and I am much, much, much happier now. Probably needed a holiday, haha!

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what the fuck is going on? is jill pregnant or something? why are you being so, so, so, nice?

Comment by andy@cynic

I ask myself the same questions.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

I’m singing Kum Ba Yah.. dunno ’bout you guys 🙂

Comment by Charles Frith

Why does Jill have to be pregnant for me to suddenly become ‘nice’?

Holy shit – maybe it’s a subliminal sign she IS pregnant, hang on – going to check.

Comment by Rob

You can all breathe again … no mini-Campbell’s on the way. Yet.

Comment by Rob

Now that last bit Rob, has made me really happy.

Comment by Hari

I once met a guy who’s aim was to send smiles around the world. The idea being that you smile at one person and it makes them happy and they smile at another etc etc. It just makes me think of contagious yawning.

Comment by Jade

Doesn’t fool me, I know you’re a nice fellow anyway.
I was in the Cubs, we were supposed to do a good turn everyday. This works. We were also supposed to be prepared – still working on this one.

Comment by NP

I find this all rather difficult to relate to.

Good Morning.

Comment by Marcus Brown

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