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Ey Up Cobber Lah …
May 15, 2007, 12:36 pm
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Given it took me almost 8 years … $40,000 … 2 court cases and an eviction notice before Australian immigration finally allowed me to become an Australian resident … you’d think I’d have to wait years before Singapore – a land that is pretty much anti everything I stand for / have been involved with* – would let me become a permanent resident, but no, because after just 3 weeks and a $200 fee, they’ve let me in and let me stay.

Proof that Western people – however undesirable – still are treated with more favour [in certain Asian countries] than many of the locals.

It’s not right or fair but my god am I glad that’s the case, hahaha!

* Don’t worry Mum, it doesn’t include ‘drugs’ or ‘cigarettes’ – never tried ’em, I am a good boy apart from all the other stuff, ha!

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You didn’t tell them you are a Forest fan, evidently. I heard that causes massive border issues.

Comment by Will

Oh, and that picture makes me laugh a lot. Nicely done.

Comment by Will

Asia loves winners so as long as Forest stand a chance of being promoted, I should be fine.

Of course if they follow the trend of the last 10 years, then my PR status will be revoked immediately.

I once did a study on whether the ‘output’ of a city was influenced by the performance of the local football team and there definitely seemed a link.

I then wrote to the Nottingham Evening Post to point out that Nottingham’s slow decline into the depths of hell was actually Forest’s fault given their decline from European Champions into 3rd tier nothingness and you should of seen the abuse I copped.

Hence I now live/hide in Asia, ha!

Comment by Rob


Comment by Jade

Man that’s great news, congrats.
ps. I feel your pain with the auction, the system here is so fucked yet no-one does anything. I’m at the age where a lot of my friends are looking at buying first properties, they’re getting stung like this (and worse) all the time.
Keep ya head up.

Comment by Age

Congratulations, but honestly Rob, I never thought you could post a picture as poncey as the “Gareth’n’me and the pink Roses”. You did. GreatJob. Love it.

Comment by Seb

His soft side is showing!
He even added an excuse bit for his mum!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Amazing that a picture of me as a Chinese woman is less ‘gay’ than the photo of me and Gareth in Singapore.

You are a tough audience … a bloody tough audience.

[Yes Mr M, I do have a soft side, mainly because my Mum in an Iti and when she’s mad, she’s very scary indeed, hahaha!]

Comment by Rob

Well, there are plenty of straight transexuals you see!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

rob, that is the most disturbing photo i’ve seen in a while – up there with the greasy shitter.

well done on officially becoming a singaporean too.. although perhaps the ease at which they let you through is offset by some of their more draconian civil rights ‘lapses’.

Comment by lauren

Considering the state of the UK and US governments and the actions they take, I think id almost rather have the Singapore government; at least you know where you stand!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

So in 2 posts … my name has been associated with the following words …


… I am scared, very VERY scared.

Comment by Rob

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