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Don’t Laugh …
May 15, 2007, 1:52 pm
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…. but dear Andy has broken his leg!

My li'l cousin broke her leg!

HAHAHAha haHAha ha AHahhAHAHAhahahaha …

Ahem, oops … sorry mate, hope it gets better soon.  And I won’t tell you that John @ Virgin asked if your weight was behind the break because that would be just mean.

Damn … it slipped out.

Don’t worry, you can beat him up in about 6 weeks – or alternatively stick a crutch into his errrrrrm, crutch.

PS: For a pedantic creative, I am astounded he has allowed people to write all over his cast without decent art direction! He must be in pain!

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That’s a little mean spirited of you isn’t it Rob? What happened? How is he?

And Rob Mortimer thinks you are soft, how wrong can he be.

Comment by Paul Hart

Get well soon Andy!
Shocking typography on that leg though…

I bet Rob would write on it in Impact!

I didnt say he was soft, just that he was showing a soft side!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

He is fine … got involved in a little accident which could of been worse, but luckily turned out OK – well, apart from a badly broken/crushed leg.

And why am I taking the piss?

Karma Paul … fucking karma … and next time I see you, I’ll list every act of evil he executed against me while I was ill in a hospital bed.

Billy got a portable DVD player and a bunch of porn flicks … all I got nightmares, headaches, embarassment and alot of nurses to answer to.

Of course I am sorry the poor bugger is in pain – and I am glad his injuries aren’t as bad as they could of been – but interms of additional sympathy, he can kiss my arse, ha!

Love you really Andy 🙂 and I swear I have nothing to do with what the guys have schemed with the DR’s.


You bloody should be, ha!

Comment by Rob

andy!! what have you done dear?
i do hope that the fall was at once undignified and spectacular – i couldn’t imagine it being anything less.. especially with a result like that.

and in the height of summer, when it’s really hot and sweaty and itchy, don’t be tempted to shove a ruler down the cast to itch it.. it can get nasty.

Comment by lauren

Those things get very smelly. Quickly.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Poor Andy!

Comment by Jade

you have ugly feet.

Comment by Marcus

Billy has changed roles – he is now Andy’s personal ‘scratcher’ … please congratulate Billy on his promotion.

I should point out that this ‘promotion’had nothing to do with the fact he told all the cynic offices to print out the photo of me with Gareth and place it in reception under the headline, “Rob Gets Married”. Oh no … I am not petty. Cough, cough, splutter, splutter.

Comment by Rob

Don’t be nasty to Andy’s feet Marcus – it’s the thinnest part of his body, hahaha.

Oh how I love this ‘Andy can’t check his computer’ period!

Comment by Rob

I thought the thinest part of his body was, well you know…

Comment by Marcus

Good point Marcus – but the thought of that makes me so ill, I’ll stick with his feet if you don’t mind. Saying that, I am sure Andy will be OVER-THE-MOON his penis has penetrated your mind and is now the centre of attention. About the only time it will be, hahaha!

Comment by Rob

I am leaving this place now. Thank you and goodbye.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

I feel soiled.

Comment by Marcus

You’re only soiled if you have a hand shandy.

And Rob – great news about your recent marriage. 😉

Comment by Will

I feel violated …

… and where are you off to Swedish Fred? In your country, you do your weekly food shopping with everything hanging out.

Mind you I could be confusing that with my dreams – given as it almost always features blonde, amazonian women with perfect figures. And me. Ahem.

Comment by Rob

You are a very sick man Campbell.

Comment by Marcus

Thank you. But not as sick as Andy is right now.

Hahahaha AhaHaha AHAHAhaha

[I need some sleep – I’ve gone mental! Oops!]

Comment by Rob

We’re not laughing Andy, we miss you and hope to see you back very soon.

Kisses Jemma and Katerina x

Comment by Jemma & Katerina

OK … OK … I have been officially shamed.

Thanks Jemma and Katerina and I will look at the FTP stuff now and send you my comments Jem.

Comment by Rob

Holy shit! I know that cast won’t stop the pure evil spewing from your mouth once you see this post and the comments, so all I’m gonna say is “I hope you are ok buddy!”

But honestly, breaking a leg sucks balls, glad it wasn’t too serious.

Comment by Age

I have no fear. Those are ugly feet.

Comment by Marcus

they look like frozen chicken sticklets. or like a dead turkey without feathers. hm. anyway, get well soon, Andy. don’t let Rob be the King of his own blog for too long.

Comment by Seb

Hang on Seb … this IS my blog isn’t it?

Mind you, the way people treat me and the posts I write, you’d be hard pressed to know that.

I KNEW you’d be on the creatives side … another black mark on the A[P]SOTW assignment Seb – be careful or at this rate you’ll be in negative points, ha!

Comment by Rob

Disclaimer – Of course Rob is joking, and APSOTW assignments will be marked fairly by the expert panel of judges.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

no they won’t.

Comment by Marcus

Are you saying that all of those judges are crooked? If so, you better have some backup!


Comment by Rob Mortimer

no, I am not on the creatives side…I am definitely on your side ($100) and your are the undoubted king of your blog ($100), no wait, the king of the internet ($250) just like David Hasselhoff ($5). I am sorry for being nice to Andy ($40)…should I go on, this is getting expensive for you, Rob.

Comment by Seb

Andy has very log toes. Simian almost.
Just saying like..

Comment by NP

That was supposed to be long toes. I have no interest in his log

Comment by NP

its my leg thats broken campbell, not my fucking arm so why you think i cant access a computer and read all your shit is beyond me. having 2 active arms also ensures i can punch your smug, loud mouthed gob the moment i see you and i want it on record i cant wait. book your room now, cockhead. 🙂 marcus and np, i might have shit feet, but theyre normally covered up, whats your excuse with your party faces? 🙂 finally seb, stick with me, ill look after you, youre alright 🙂 now wheres my nurse?

Comment by andy@cynic

Ah, elephant foot has spoken. You touch one fucking hair on campbells head, oh… wait a minute…

Anyway, fuck you Andy just because you’re poorly doesn’t mean you won’t get a slap. 🙂 Party faces are for party people which means that I can now both drink and dance you under the fucking table.

And Seb, fuck Wieden + Kennedy, looks like you could get a job at cynic.

Comment by Marcus Brown

[quite… so that no one can hear] get well soon Andy love you really.

[now very loud]


Comment by Marcus Brown

Marcus, you’ve forgotten the 🙂 after COCKHEAD 😀 !
What will Rob’s mum fucking 🙂 say to a goddman 😀 fucking swear-a-round-without-a- 😉 like that?

Comment by Seb

The only reason to fuck 😀 WK would be to do the German chapter of cynic. But I guess we are not poncey enough on pictures and our feet are too good looking…ha.

Comment by Seb

Oh dear … Andy lives which is more than can be said for me, when he gets his hands on my neck, ha! Good job I’ve sent him a ‘Make-Andy-Happy’ pressie – or my Mum could have been very sad, ha!

cynic Germany eh? Well stranger things have happened so who knows. Well I do – but I’m not telling. Yet. Ha.

Finally, what I love about Marcus and NP the most is their lack of spelling/typing ability. They always manage to mis-spell the most important word so that it either [1] takes on a completely different meaning or [2] undermines the point they are trying to make.

There’s a book called ‘Pratt Of The Argus’ about a young journo in Brighton who found his news editor had done similar things to his stories and I can only assume it was based on Marcus and NP’s rant on this blog. Genius.

And Seb … I totally understand why you’d want to work at W&K, but do you just want to work at their London / Amsterdam / Portland offices or are you open to expanding the geographical area to include China perhaps? And if you are, would you be open to other great agencies [maybe not as great as W&K but great all the same] throughout Asia? Let me know – I may have someone you should talk to.

Comment by Rob

I was drunk.

Comment by Marcus

Instant hardman. Just add alcohol eh, Marcus!

Comment by Rob

Not feeling so hard this morning.

Comment by Marcus

No morning glory Marcus? Eva still away then?

Comment by Rob

Oh, Marcus, eat some sausages. Sausages are always good to fight after-alcohol-bad-mornings. And, Rob, for now the prior aim is to get to WK London. It’s just the thing I always dreamed of during my long advertising career of five years…haha. But who knows. I am 25 there is still a big world to discover and Asia is definitely interesting. Man, this sounds very grown up…GODDAMN FUCKING CRAP SHIT FUCKING RUBBISH…ah, better.

Comment by Seb

🙂 😀 😮 8) 😉 😆 …should be enough, right?

Comment by Seb

Eva is still away yes. You bastard.

Comment by Marcus

We’ll call the 🙂 🙁 😉 evens Seb …

In the unlikely event W&K London don’t get their act together, think about either W&K China [Kel and Nick are great guys] or Asia in general – it’s where all the World’s energy is coming from I promise you …

Comment by Rob

…and the food is wonderful!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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