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Paris Hilton Is Not As Intimate With Men’s ‘Needs’ As You’d Think …
May 14, 2007, 9:15 am
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You may be overestimating the amount of time most people spend on the can in case you’re using yourself as a reference point. And given that you’re not exactly the most clean shaven bloke around, maybe you’re underestimating the time it takes fore some people to shave (think Hari and Sanjay for example). Ha!

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

I’d love a tv in the loo… A lot of the time it’s the only place to escape all the chaos and noise of my home. It’s also the place where I do some of my best thinking!

Comment by Age

Thanks Fred … but as much as I enjoy the toilet [nice mental image there for everyone] I think Mr ‘Grease On The Bog’ stays rooted on the seat for even longer than I could muster.


Comment by Rob

Ah, Now I actually know the answer to this. When I stayed there I had the distinct feeling that two designers had a turf war over what went where, as the whole room just seemed to clash. I mentioned this to someone who told me that the hotel was hit by the Asian economic downturn in the late 90’s and as half the room had been designed already, when they came round to finishing them off a few years later, well they just did it Malaysian style and got a different designer in to complete the job.

(Although the view from the bath is quite nice).

Comment by charlesfrith

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