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Class … Class … Could I Have Your Attention Please …
May 9, 2007, 5:49 pm
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The Advertising [Planning] School On The Web assignment will officially be out tomorrow …

So sorry for the delay – holiday, work and a massive dose of manflu [ie: a sniffle]

Interms of the ‘judging panel’ – I have managed to con [I mean encourage] a whole host of interesting people to take part.

There’s Emma, the Global Planning Director of BBH 

Arun, Deputy Editor of MEDIA Magazine [Asia’s ‘Campaign’]

Niku, Managing Partner at Naked [UK]

Jonathan, Global Researcher at Virgin

Ian, an Inventor at !WHATIF

Sarah, a member of Apple‘s amazing product design team

Andy, the brilliant [but disgusting] Global CD of cynic

… plus a bunch of other clever buggers like George, Pete, Marcus, Fred and Hari.

So come back tomorrow sometime and it’ll be up – and as I said, it’s going to be abit different to what’s gone on before, so I hope you still get a kick out of it.

School bell in Mombasa, Kenya


OK, there goes the bell … class dismissed ….

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oh Rob, when you do something, you actually DO it.
I am really fucking 😳 excited to get you first assignment.
so don’t let your students down. but I guess you won’t.

Comment by Seb

Nice panel at such short notice!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Do I get to use a cane?

Comment by Marcus

Hold back your praise until you’ve seen the assignment Mr Seb.

And Mr M – I think you know the panel was pulled together in more just a night PLUS it cost me a hell of a lot of coffees/money, ha!

I want you and NP to be involved too if you’re up for it – unless you’re going to be taking part in the bloomin’ thing.

Finally Marcus … a cane? You bloody dirty man. Well done, no wonder Andy likes you!

Comment by Robert

Seb … hold back your praise until you’ve seen the assignment, ha. And Mr M – I think we both know the ‘panel’ wasn’t assembled over night … infact it took a lot of bribary/threats/money to get them to say ‘yes’.

I actually want you and NP to be involved too – that is unless you are actually wanting to do the assignment. Let me know.

Finally Marcus. A cane? You bloody pervert. No wonder Andy likes you so much!

Comment by Rob.

I’m excited, can I play?

With the assignment, not with Andy and Marcus and their cane…

Comment by Age

Happy to be involved!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Tops … lets see if you still feel that way later, ha!

Comment by Rob.

I’m fucking worried for your students.

Great panel, btw. Given the way you had a look at my brand ideas, I think it’ll be good.

Comment by Will

Edit – I’m only worried as to what the task will be; not the judging. That’ll be tip top.

But what lurks in Mr Campbell’s mind.. well..

Comment by Will

You shall find out very soon won’t you Mr Will. [Almost as soon as I decide which assignment I want to use, haha!]

Comment by Rob.

Rob, you’ve got email (sorry to bombard you mate – just needed to vent in email form).

Comment by Will

No probs mate – just responded!

Comment by Rob.

boy this is gonna be fun to watch. impressive panel you’ve organised there mr campbell. hopefully not so impressive that everyone’s too scared to submit.

Comment by lauren

Rob, as long as the assignment doesn’t ask for doing a video presentation while sitting naked on a crappy toilet, I am fine with everything (and I am not saying this because I am too shy to do it, just wanna protect you from this scary picture).

Comment by Seb


Hang on – that sounds gayer than Freddie Mercury asking Julian Clarey for a bite of his sausage.


Comment by Rob.

I guess Freddie sounds quite straight compared to this.

Comment by Seb

This is looking very exciting Robert. I can’t wait to see what happens. See you soon.

Comment by Sarah

and by the way:
you don’t really want to see something like that.
believe me, it’s better for your eyes.

Comment by Seb

I feel like a 6 year old on Christmas eve.

Comment by Pete

A brilliant panel, and then this thread, the poor sods who’re going to take the bait.

Comment by Hari

Rob, I’m happy to help, that way I avoid having to do the asignment. By the way,I talked to Carol about the other stuff, but it’s fun doing it here.
Do I get to be caned?
I just want to.
And no more sodding Freddie Mercury!

Comment by NP

Hello NP – whoops, was I supposed to do this on her planning blog instead of mine? Let me know – I can always move it.

And what is it with this caning? Do you want to be a conservative MP or something???

Comment by Rob

speaking of freddie mercury – i walked past the dominion theatre today and there was a 20ft gold freddie mercury staring down at me, surrounded by neon. unsurprisingly, i thought of you. a photo is on its way, for the archives -or to piss NP off-whichever you fancy.
alright, bedtime.

Comment by lauren

I love you Lauren!

Comment by Robert

Wafer thin ice Lauren, wafer thin.

Comment by NP


Comment by lauren

[…] has retired. Rob (Founding Partner / Regional Creative Brand Planning Director of Cynic) has put a massive panel of judges together. The challenge goes up tomorrow, but if I were you I’d go and have a look today. To acclimatise […]

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