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Suddenly Playing Darts Seems Fun …
April 24, 2007, 8:41 am
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This genius is by UK artist Miles Donovan … all he has to do is an Oprah one next , and I’ll be officially his biggest fan.

Is it sacrilege to slag off Saints?

Yes it probably is except Bono and Oprah are NOT Saints – they are just very successful individuals who … having achieved fame and immense wealth … have taken on some of the critical issues facing millions of people around the World.

Of course that is to be applauded, but what they are doing seems to have alot of their ‘ego’ wrapped up in it all – and when you remember Paul Newman [the originator of using ‘fame’ to deliver charitable donations] has raised more money – without the need for global self-serving publicity – than both these ‘icons’ COMBINED [through the profits of his Pasta Sauce company] then you start to understand why Bono’s face appears on a dart board and Newman’s doesn’t.

According to various media reports [which I appreciate are not the best source for ‘facts’], RED – Bono’s AIDS idea – has raised approx US$18 million after spending [with associated companies] about $100 million in publicity/advertising. In that time, Bono and his associated companies has earnt close to US$38 million.

Sure it is great he is trying to do something … sure at the heart of RED is a good idea … but who is going to benefit the most longterm?

Of course we should applaud the efforts of people like Bono and Oprah, but treat them like Saints?  Don’t make me laugh …

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I’ve just had drinks with Andy and we were discussing this dartboard. God I want one.
Funny how we don’t tend to feel that way about Geldof.
I think it’s because when he did Live Aid, he was taking on an issue that no one had bothered about previously.
I also like the fact he didn’t suddenly try and launch a comeback album off the back of it. He did release music, but it never had any fanfare or a sticker that said “By Live Aid’s Bob Geldof”.

PS; Andy is snoring like a wild boar on my couch at the moment.

Comment by Pete

i need one of those dart boards. i hate (red).

Comment by lauren

He did mention he was seeing you – Oh God, I know oh-so-well how loudly that bugger snores, especially when he’s drunk.

Buy some ear plugs, kick him out or stay in a hotel or your night is well and truly buggered. On the bright side, think of how grateful his wife is finally getting a proper nights sleep without him.

The Geldof thing is interesting – and I agree, I think he has inherent cred because of the LIVE AID event [when no one else was seemingly interested in taking on the famine issue] as well as how he handled the whole Paula Yates / Michael Hutchence fiasco.

Remember this is the man who took on the daughter of his ex-wife and her lover after they both died, because he said ‘family should always be together’.

That’s a genuine act of love, compassion and humanity – something very few probably could do, let alone would do – so I think the public regard him as always having the ‘best of intentions’ even though he is also a very successful businessman in other areas of his life.

Funny thing is that in America, Geldof is not liked much at all.

The American value system is built on the concept of ‘if you work hard, you will move ahead’ … so in the minds of many Americans [certainly not all] anyone who needs charity is lazy and should get off their arse. Geldof – for being a loud-mouthed, opinionated bloke – is frowned upon because many regard him as helping people who haven’t helped themselves, regardless of the situation/country/infrastructute they find themselves in.

Bono was clever enough to see this issue because rather than ask for random acts of charity, he sold them ‘brand badge value’ – where the ‘donation’ is secondary to the product purchase [which is why Moto, Gap, Apple etc are so important] and the image of being a ‘good, caring citizen’ … even though they had to be offered an exclusive item of value to get them interested.

It’s a smart move and I do respect it, I just wish he didn’t come across as so fucking self-serving because even though Geldof has said Bono is doing it for the right reasons, it somehow seems he isn’t. At least to me …

Then there’s the brands who are part of RED because it serves as a valuable profit earning strategy for them. ‘The Gap’ particulary make me laugh given they are one of the worst exploiters of 3rd World slave labour in the World.

Maybe I should start ‘BLUE’ – a collabritive against 3rd World Exploitation. I wonder how many brands would support that so readily eh!

I know I am coming across as a cynical shit, and I know any help is better than no help, but when so much money is spent on the ‘image’ of the charity rather than addressing the problem [accepting that unfortunately ‘charity’ has to be image attractive for many people to want to take part] it sort of makes me abit ill. Especially when faceless, bland corporations suddenly act like they are all oh-so-caring when in every other aspect of their life, they express a wholly different message.

Comment by Rob

This issue really pisses you off doesn’t it Rob

Comment by Pete

Great post Rob, you are at your best when you’re angry and cynical!

I read an interesting piece related to this a while back comparing the red VS yellow (live strong) campaigns.


Comment by Age

Yes I am Pete … yes I am. And Age, thank you for the compliment. I think. Ha!

In all seriousness, it’s not cynisism that drives my anger – it’s actually social idealism – but I appreciate why that might not always come across, especially with a company name like ours. Ha.

Comment by Rob

i like the post, but your comment above is even better!! it’s the kind of cultural insight that i wish i had, rather than just my blind idealism which says that everything bono does is based on egotistical whoremongering. this doesn’t mean he doesn’t still make me cringe, but he is actually thinking in an intelligent and thoughtful way.

Comment by lauren

Oh God Lauren … have I accidently demonstrated I can sometimes be abit knowledgable? Ooops … I promise it won’t happen again! Ha.

In all seriousness, you need to remember this is my job and I have worked around the World for rather a long time – so if I don’t understand this kind of stuff I must be really shite at what I do – and even though I say it myself, I’m not … I’m even quite good.

You on the other hand – as far as I know – have not been trained in insight identification and yet, as many of your comments on many peoples blogs testify, you have an un-natural ability to do it.

You would make a great planner – you are already better than many who are currently earning a large wedge doing it.

Maybe it’s an ‘artist’ thing as Jill is also brilliant at it [though I could never tell her that, obviously, ha!] or maybe it’s just natural talent … you tell me.

This all goes back to what George, Andy and I were saying about this blog discovering far more wonderful and clever people than the headhunters have managed for us.

I meant what I said in my post last week [] I really hope we get the chance to all work together in some capacity soon – I think the results could be frightening in a really good way.

Comment by Rob

I know a couple of ex-bosses I’d like to see on that dart board.


Comment by Marcus Brown

Wild boar snores aside (very funny). This Youtube clip captures the stars and charity thing for Red Nose Day. Enjoy if you haven’t seen it.

Bono and Geldof tip up about half way!!

Comment by Charles Frith

What are Marcus and Charles doing up at this time?

What’s going on?

Yeah I’ve seen the Red Nose thing with Geldof and Bono and yet again, I think it demonstrates my point about Bono [and U2 in general] always seemingly having one eye on their ego [and need to feel they are ‘cool’]

Geldof just takes the piss out of himself – but still gets the chance to convey some social passion – Bono just sits there like a nobend, trying desperately to be associated with people who have – or genuinely want to – make a positive difference to society in some way.

Hell, I can’t even listen to Rattle & Hum without thinking there was one eye on breaking into the Black Music market. There is a genuine problem with this – and I don’t know if it’s me or them, ha!

Comment by Rob

Rob – it rained last night here in Munich, and my hayfever is better which meant I slept well. Which is why I was up so early.

I’d second your comment on Lauren.

Comment by Marcus

I got up early so I could hassle Marcus. Puts a spring in my stride 🙂

Comment by Charles Frith

Well done Charles … but if you really want to hassle him, I’ll try and get his address so you can truly make his life hell. Shoving a bunch of pollen through his letterbox should do the trick.

Oh and Pete – I got your SMS and no, my pro-Geldof stance has nothing to do with what we’re discussing with him thank you very much – but it does have everything to do with WHY we’re discussing something with him.

I am surprised you SMS’d me rather than write on this blog, given Andy’s snoring is bound to be keeping you up all night, affording you the time and opportunity to post to your hearts content, ha. Can’t wait to see you soon matey …

Comment by Rob

Thank you Rob, what a lovely piece of advise. I will be saving my snot ridden tissues up and will send them to per FedEx. They all look so lovely.

Comment by Marcus

I aim to please … 🙂

I am still in shock at how early you woke up … lets see how you feel in a few hours time eh! Ha.

Comment by Rob

I’m feeling that way already.

Comment by Marcus

I knew it … that makes me feel so much better,

I hate people who can rise and shine early and not be affected. I call them Robots because that behaviour is just not normal, ha!

I am working at home so I can concentrate on a doco – but I had a late night last night [work, not fun] so I am having to try really, really hard to resist the charms of my bed.

I never knew a ‘bed’ could be so flirtatious and alluring, but it bloody can you know …

Comment by Rob

That’s actually a very nice way to position bedding!

I feel ya Rob. 2nd day getting back into fulltime work, the cold weather is kicking in…

dear God my bed… I die a little inside everytime I get out of it in the mornings. Thank God for public holiday tomorrow!!!!!

Comment by Age

I’m far too laten as usual, but great post. I too can imagine a couple of ex-bosses on that dartboard. What worries me is that without these self serving celebrities (and they are) people would care about these sort of things even less.
Now, volunterrs who work in charity call centres, they’re the real heroes. But no one ever listens to them. Makes my blood boil.

Comment by NP

Need…more….coffee. God I’m tired.

Comment by Marcus

What the hell is the public holiday for in Melbourne? Not that stupid ‘bank’ holiday thing that is only in Melbourne?

Oh hang on, it’s Anzac day isn’t it – under the guise of honouring war heros [something we should do with focus and pride] Aussies get the day off to get pissed and gamble. Abit like the Melbourne Cup [except Anzac Day has substance] which if memory serves me, was the first post you ever commented on Age.

And yes, I quite like the ‘seductive bed’ positioning idea – just need to find the client to do it. Race you for it. [I am so mature!]

NP you are so right, the heros of charities are the ones who do it because of an inherent cause they are fighting for, not because it’s a job, a chance to make some extra money or an opportunity to look good to the masses and feed fragile/hungry egos.

You’re right of course, if we didn’t have them, society would probably care even less – which is an indicment on who we are and who we look up to these days. We’ve gone moral and value mental!

Comment by Rob

More subtle than the “Bono must die” t shirt sported by one of Hadouken…

I agree though.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I’m convinced Bono has presidential ambition. Thank God Ireland isn’t the 51st state in the US of A. Yet.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Hi Everyone,

Rob – I have become addicted to reading a range of blogs of late, but yours is top of my list. Posts like this one are why. I feel like I am posting way too late, but finally felt compelled to speak.

I like U2, but have to separate the person, Bono, from the music. It is a shame Bono can’t separate himself/ his ego from good deeds. Having worked for a charity (and seen how hard it is to get enough budget to make a positive difference, and to get the message out to the public), I am all for celebs speaking out about causes. Lets face it, a celeb has a lot more clout than I do to get an opinion out there.

However, it sad that initiatives like Red, are trying to make the world a better place by getting people to spend money to buy crap they don’t really need for a good cause. Cut out the middle man I say.

NP – love what you said about charity workers – & good to see you blogging again.


Comment by Jade

I like darts anyway…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I prefer pool. Maybe it’s because I resemble a cue ball.

Comment by NP

Likewise, well…nearly!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Freddie … if Arnie managed to do it, I am sure bloody Bono can. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Jade – first of all a bit fat welcome.

I am concious my blog may seem to some, like one massive clique [which it isn’t] so I’m over the moon you’ve posted.

Of course you are right – celeb endorsement can be a massive factor in actually raising enough funds to actually DO something significant rather than continually working around the edges – however the issue is whether that celeb has cred [in the issue they are talking about] because otherwise it is no more relevant to the masses as a star endorsing a watch brand or a car.

Infact with the use of celeb endorsement in a lot of adlands output, it may actually be harming the power of celeb association with charities.

I have no issue with RED in the sense it is trying to do something – I am just sad it is more about image that cause … but then as I said in an earlier post, maybe Bono did that on purpose. Doesn’t seem to be working though does it?

My astoundingly wonderful, brilliant, visionary, inspirational old boss [Chris Jaques] always wanted to run a Worldwide charity [and he still might] because he said that they could be helping alot more people if managed properly – and I have to say he is right. The sad fact is a very high proportion of charity funds go to bloody Management Consultants to help the organisation work out how best use the money given so many countries in need of aid are ‘governed’ by institutions more focused on their needs than anyone elses.

Bono and Oprah make me ill because there’s always that sneaky suspicion they have one eye on the cameras to make sure they look good … whereas Geldof just got his hands dirty. Maybe it’s all perception [though I know Geldof definitely lives it] but it is a dangerous issue because I am sure RED has turned away lots of people simply because of Bono’s close association with the charity.

Could be worse … American Idol have launched a ‘Idol Gives Back’ campaign – a blatant attempt to try and not be all about vacuous imagery. Again I am glad they are doing something, but it smacks of an ‘add on’ rather than a central cause.

Oh and one final thing – Midge Ure, the man who helped Geldof come up with and write the Band Aid song ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ never gets mentioned. He acknoweldges that he left alot to Geldof because of his powerful, forceful character – but like Paul Newman – his contribution and sense of purpose should never be forgotten or ignored.

PS: Please don’t give me any more wonderful compliments. Don’t get me wrong, I love them … it’s just I am going to be called horrible names by Freddie, Andy and Billy as they are worried it’ll all go to my head – which it will, ha.

Glad you like the blog, now post some more!

Comment by Rob

Darts scare me.

First of all, when I was about 7, I was playing at home when a dart fell out the board [it was much higher than I was] and landed in my eye. Cue: hospital and eye problem.

Them, when I was young and in a band – we played this absolute hole somewhere in Bolton. The pub thug challenged me to a game and while he was counting up his score after a turn, I – for reasons I still don’t understand – decidedd to chuck my darts, of which one landed right in this guys hand.

Cue: Ambulance and no gig.

Anyway … back to Bono …

Comment by Rob

Its sad really that Midge gets little respect for his work.

Re: Idol Gives Back – Read Bleak House by Dickens…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I got dumped by a girl at a school disco. Spent the rest of the night dancing with tears in my eyes. Said to myself ‘this means nothing to me’.

Comment by NP

I take it you mean in terms of Midge Ure’s contribution to charity rather than music, raincoats, pencil moustaches and grey guitars.

Comment by Rob

Were you in Vienna?

Comment by Rob

Well, Vienna is a great album.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Rob, I don’t think it matters whether people here will give you more wonderful compliments now that you’ve started to give yourself compliments (see above). The fundamental problem I’ve got is that I agree with them. 😉

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Freddie – Is this to do with the email you sent me earlier? It’s a good strategic move – well it would be if I controlled budgets, ha!

Lets get Sanjay to start a blog then we can both bathe him in compliments. It might work!

Comment by Rob

Good strategic move, isn’t it…in theory!?

…and if we can get Sanjay to start a blog, we’ll both be on the Forbes’ list of Asia’s wealthiest. Great idea.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Poor Sanjay – doesn’t know what’s about to hit him.

Oh – there’s an update on [RED]. Apprentely they have actually raised US$25 million and [here’s the bit I like] the corporate sponsors have seen incremental sales and profit increases.

It sort of proves my point of why these companies got involved in this project in the first place. It’s about sales/profit under the guise of aid and compassion.

Anyway, you can read the article by going here …

They seem quite pro-RED but then in principal, so am I – it’s how it is being executed and the stronghold of the characters and egos that are getting [and seemingly demanding] the most attention that bugs me.

Comment by Robert

Rob, your blog doesn’t seem like a clique, & I feel very welcome.

I agree, that the celeb needs to actually feel an alignment to the cause & that’s why people like John Butler, make such a positive impact when they share their passion for protecting the environment. Like Geldof, he looks like he has gotten his hands dirty.

This is where some charities need to get a consultant in, or just hire the right staff to make it happen – to show them how to go about getting celebs on board & using them effectively. A celeb who is passionate is great, a celeb who wants to gain some self publicity and look good – not so good. It is a bit of a catch 22 though really – spending money that could go to the cause is always a huge risk. Organisations that grow from grassroots movements sometimes need to take this risk.

I think that sometimes it is easy to look for a utopia or nothing. Focus on charities is generally good, even if it is sometimes misdirected. As for all the unsung heros, I salute them, to do something good and not use that to leverage yourself is a truly selfless act. Must make it easy to sleep at night.

A Worldwide charity – I like that. I also like the idea, of people who have knowledge and ideas contributing their skills to good causes. It doesn’t have to be a huge commitment, can just be small steps. I work for a large Comms Agency at the mo & was laughed out of the room when I suggested we should focus on some corporate social responsibility programs throughout our agencies!

Don’t worry – no more compliments.

Comment by Jade

Hello Jade … well I am glad the likes of Marcus, NP, Mr M and Lauren [to name but a few] haven’t put you off – they would me!

I totally agree that we tend to live in a society where everything is ALL or NOTHING – and yet in reality, very few things [if any] have ever actually been able to go on [if any] and achieve success without some element of compromise.

I think the issue is where does the compromise come in.

It seems some organisations are willing to almost sell their mothers to achieve some element of glory [whatever that ‘glory’ is] whereas others are too restrictive with their ideals and so end up achieving a fraction of what could have been done.

The problem is there is no simple answer to this – it is a fluid situation, dictated by a constantly moving World – however the way I work is to surround myself with people who are smarter than me who share the same philosophies and passions – even if they have different ways of getting there.

What this does is ensure we have a common goal but can explore different ways of achieving it without ever over-diluting the values we hold dear. And by this, I don’t just mean we do it interms of helping my clients brands, but also helping our agencies brand as well. My issue is that too many charities hire consultants [which I appreciate are important in some areas] but don’t appreciate how they don’t look at the ‘grey’ areas and just focus on the black and white. While this could be argued that it leads to a more efficient ‘output’ – it tends to lose those little things that creates the unification of passion and drive that the most succesful organisations [not just charities] have to thrive.

I have to say I think Anita Roddick is another person who deserves praise because she understood the fundamental human needs as well as the monetry ones.

She could of simply created a charity that gave money to the homeless but she appreciated there is a need for them to have pride, confidence and esteem in what they do. By setting up the BIG ISSUE and letting people feel they are doing something to help themselves out of their situation is genius – not just interms of addressing a major problem, but attacking the root of it and helping heal wounds rather than just put a plaster on them.

Social responsibility is a massive thing – however too many companies do it without really having a passion for it. It’s too often about making them and their shareholders feel better about sleeping at night.

Sure, every penny helps, but I believe greater things happen when you want to make a change rather than just doing it for business/tax reasons. [You can tell when a company really believes, their actions express it far more than their words – TESCO’s for example … is, in my view, the most community focused, creative company in the World. Compare that to The Gap – no contest and yet it is the Gap who shout out the most!]

With all this in mind – I am hopeful I can reveal something very, very exciting [at least in principal] in the next few months. It will hopefully prove to your company that you were right and they were very, very wrong.

Comment by Rob

Oh … a client once said to me an organisation with real passion is an organisation with a real competitive advantage. She was right which is why celebrity endorsement has greater impact when you believe what is being said rather than have this feeling they are just a paid mouthpiece.

Comment by Rob

Where’s Andy? Where’s Fred?
We have a potential Oprah Davies alert. I repeat, we have a potential Oprah Davies alert.

Comment by Billy Whizz

The Big Issue is a perfect example of a business that helps people whilst still making money.

“CSR” is no longer a frivolous thing. People expect their companies to be at the very least aware of their ethics. I believe Nestle are one brand who are going to feel this soon, I detect an increasing sense of mistrust towards them from a growing number of people.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Billy … behave!

And yes Rob, CSR is no longer a ‘frivolous’ business strategy, its an accepted and valuable part of running a business – it’s just a shame that in practice, too many companies treat it with a rather flippant attitude … especially compared to how certain organisations lived by its values in the past. [Ford Motor Company for example. Once a shining beacon of helping communities thrive – now just focused on those lucky enough [or unfortunate enough – as the case may be] to ownn shares in them]

Comment by Rob

Rob, I am not going to say anything else cause I did promise not to compliment you. I am tempted to say something like ‘wow’.

I think your client who spoke of organisations with passion was right on the mark.

I’ll watch this space to see what you are going to unveil. The world needs more individuals & companies who live with passion and are not afraid to show it.

Now I have to go to a meeting and see if I can spread some passion around this place.

Comment by Jade

Good luck Jade!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Thanks Mr M,

BTW – I really liked your blog about ‘Little Things’. Was going to post there, but would have had to have logged in & it seemed too complicated. I had a similar encounter when I was in Dublin the other week. So as not to scare an old lady we were walking behind, I said to my hubby “It’s cold” (just so she knew I wasn’t about to mug her). She turned and offered me her warm scarf. I was shocked at her generosity. A sad world when we are shocked at kindness.

As far as bags – you should come to the Middle East – here you will have thick plastic bags coming out of your ears. Unfortunately they will end up in landfill. Perhaps try taking your own cloth bags – much sturdier.

Rob – sorry to use your blog to respond to Mr M’s blog :).

Comment by Jade

Thanks, thats a nice story. I agree though, its sad when those things surprise us. The fact that you felt that an old lady would instinctively feel she is going to be mugged says a lot as well about how we think.

Cloth bags are the way. As is charging for plastic bags. No better way to make people bring their old bags than to charge for new ones.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Oh and, my blog does allow non-logged in comments.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Hi Jade … feel free to use my blog to talk about anything – everyone else does, ha! I have actually written a post about ‘random acts of kindness’ … I must get round to posting it because I think Mr M raised a top point we often forget. Finally Jade, where are you actually based? Just interested … and good luck with the passion, but if you have to fight for it, maybe its not really there. Hope you prove me wrong!

Comment by Rob @ Cynic

Hi Rob,

Thanks, I didn’t think you would mind. I thought you wrote something recently about ‘random acts of kindness’, but maybe I am wrong – or phsycic about your posts like Lauren.

I am based in Dubai at the mo. Been here for 6 months as of yesterday, I am an Aussie & amazed at how proud of that fact being an Expat makes me. I don’t quiet know why being offshore makes me even more passionate about my home country.

Rob, I would like to think I am an eternal optimist, but sometimes I can realise when I am pushing #@it up hill! And I never normally swear, so that says a lot about my current environment.

Comment by Jade

You didn’t swear … you remained dignified. A friend of mine went to Dubai, not sure where she is, but she’s a great person and planner. I love the Middle East, like Asia it is a complete case of having to re-learn ”common sense”, ha. I had some work there a while back for the Government and have to say their ‘can do’ attitude was amazing – the luxury of having untold billions eh, ha! Maybe I have done posts I’ve forgotton because you and Lauren seem very certain. Maybe I need sleep … actually I DEFINITELY need sleep, Ha. Finally, ALL people who live away from their real ‘country of origin’ become overly patriotic – hense my argument with errrm, Winston Churchill in my ‘Proud To Be British’ post last week. I’m in Oz next week, I’ll give it your love. Right, bed for me – keep writing and let us know how your ‘passion’ meeting goes/went.

Comment by Rob @ Cynic

I put myself off, let alone anyone else.
And Jade, Rob’s quite right. People tend to say what they like here, usually nothing to do with the post they’re attached to.
Slagging off Queen seems to be quite popular though.

Comment by NP

You are a naughty boy NP. I might have to teach you a lesson by haunting you darling. Prepare to have the willies put into you. Fnarr Fnarr

Comment by Freddie Mercury

Dubai is an amazing place to be. Before I came it was described to me as Disneyland on steroids, but it is so much more than that – it has substance too. I am looking forward to doing some more travel throughout the region though as Dubai is it’s own little world altogether. I know what you mean about re-learning ‘common sense’ – funny really, but lots of fun.

My meeting was dismal. I think that there are just people here who have become too jaded with what they are doing and are content with the bare minimum. Not that I am an expert in my current area by any means. Apparently Corp Comms means the occasional press release & an internal newsletter & keeping track of the ph nos & office locations of all our offices in the network. All terribly important really, but we should be & could be doing so much more.

There you go Rob – today your blog is now about my brilliant career! Next I’ll start telling NP that I am cooking salmon tonight!

Comment by Jade

You poor bugger Jade … I have been there and it’s horrid. To change a company doesn’t need many people – but it does need them to be senior enough to infiltrate the rest of the organisation.

Oh by the way, I love the way you say people are ‘jaded’ – it sounds like you’ve personally given them a massive [and by the sounds of it, well deserved] whack!

Going to bed now – great to meet you today. [I say that because once Andy is back, it is quite likely we’ll never hear from you again! Ha]

Comment by Rob

Reading these comments have been great!
I wanna go to Dubai someday 🙁

Comment by Age

You’d love Dubai Age … it’s where ‘impossible’ really is nothing!

Comment by Rob

Age, it is an amazing place to be. I do have to wonder where it is all heading though, but I am enjoying the ride. It truly is a land of excess, but there is also a fair bit of social injustice here. Also there are annoying things – like the fact that I can only see a few of the pics Rob posts on this site as I get messages saying “We apologize the site you are attempting to visit has been blocked due to its content being inconsistent with the religious, cultural, political and moral values of the United Arab Emirates”. I can’t use Skype either.

But – I’m not complaining. it is a great place to be & I feel very fortunate to be living here.

Comment by Jade

So by that reckoning, you can’t see the majority of the photos on this blog then, ha!

Comment by Rob

hi rob. i’m back for a bit. thanks for the embarassing compliments.

hi jade – i’m stopping in dubai for 4 days next weekend. if you wanna catch up with another couple of aussies (which i’m sure you don’t), email me: am happy to meet up. we’re going dancing at the palm ethiopian club next thursday night! yay! (sorry rob, case in point about using your blog as a free-for-all, right?)

Comment by lauren

YAY Lauren is back … where the hell have you been woman?

I quite like the idea of this being a social meeting place – but then I haven’t met all of you yet, so maybe what I am inadvertently doing is actually causing hell in certain people’s lives.

Comment by Rob

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