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Don’t Be Afraid …
April 19, 2007, 6:37 pm
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Feeling in the cross-hairs!

Russell has made a fatal error and asked if I’d be interested in taking on [for a trial period] the ‘Advertising School On The Web’ thingy.

Joking aside, I actually think what he has done is fantastic and incredibly important … so while I am sure I won’t be as good as the ‘orginal’ [and no, I am not being humble], I’m going to give it a go! 

Can you imagine what the poor guys who come here for the first time are going to think when they find out this is who is running their ‘course’ and then go on to read such delightful little posts as iPOD Singing, Being British, Sausages, Birkenstock Obsession and How Much A Trip To The Loo Costs.

Oh dear …

However, to ensure there’s some real value in all this, I am getting Fred, Hari and George to be involved … whilst keeping Andy as far away – at least initially – from them as possible, because there’s only so much ‘change in style’ a person can take! Ha!

If you have any suggestions as to the sort of project you think I should focus my first assignment on [and please know I might call upon all of you for some help in this too] … let me know

Not sure when it’ll start … dependent on Russell … but probably sooner rather than later.

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Wait till you see the post I’ve done for tomorrow … it’s about as unsophisticated as you can get.

When I said ‘change in style’, I don’t think even I realised how much it would be.

It’s not too late to change your mind Russell!

Comment by Robert


Comment by Marcus

Bloody Nora…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I feel a major shift in the force. What a fucking brilliant idea.

Comment by Marcus

Actually I think that it’s only fair you let Andy near this. At some point these young hopefulls are going to need a bit of Andy. You know, commonsense, clear and structured argument ala creative department…

Comment by Marcus

Agreed. Its a bit like X Factor and Idol shows, you need the nasty guy and the nice guy (or girl) to make it work.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Mr. M, did you just call Rob a girl?

Comment by Marcus

You are a stirring shit Mr Marcus … but I do agree that this has to be broadened out to more than just a planners evaluation of ‘what is good’ – because if the thinking doesn’t make sense or inspire the wider comms team [including the client], then it’s not intelligence, it’s indulgence.

Of course I’m not criticising what Russell did – far from it – but I am not Russell and will do this to hopefully augment what they’ve been taught rather than duplicate it.

God, I sound more grown up already.

TITTYWANK! Phew, I’m still my normal self really!

Comment by Rob

theres no fucking way im not being included in this genius. bring the fresh fucking meat on.

Comment by andy@cynic

Different people want different criteria meeting, so its a good idea to get that view.

Not that the original idea was bad, but maybe this is your chance to expand it.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

go Andy go!

Comment by Marcus

What the hell are you doing up at this time???

And as long as “show-off” Andy doesn’t come out to play and “nurture and inspire” Andy does, then I’ll consider letting you out. Abit.

Comment by Rob

you see what I mean about Andy? Commonsense, clear and structured argument ala creative department…

Comment by Marcus

very fucking constructive, thats me

Comment by andy@cynic

nasty guy? the problem is who is the nice guy. im going back to bed and dreaming of little lambs to the slaughter. best news to wake up to in the middle of whatever time it is. night fuckers.

Comment by andy@cynic

I can’t wait for all the young planners to come over and find the comments in the post.

Comment by Marcus

I am a nice guy Andy … well, compared to you!

Comment by Rob


I worry about the next generation. 😉

Nice one mate – I look forward to reading what your nefarious plans are.

Comment by Will

So do I Will … but “I have a cunning plan”

Comment by Rob

Involve me without asking why don’t you! I think it’s a great idea and you’ll be bloody great. Looking forward to helping however you want me to.

Comment by George

What a sweetie …

You do know you don’t get ‘overtime’ for this don’t you!

Comment by Rob

I like the way you put overtime in quotes, not just denying it to George, but casting doubt over whether it really exists at all…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Yes Rob M, that didn’t escape my notice either.

Comment by George

‘Jesus. H. Christ’ isn’t that funny, considering the bible doesn’t have anyone with last names

Comment by Hari

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