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Cynic Sell Out. Sort Of.
April 9, 2007, 10:32 am
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So last week I was at a Saatchi meeting in Singapore and casually mentioned to Andy how poncy their reception was … [All the ‘lovemark’ bollocks on the wall is in chalk – as I found out when I ‘accidently’ rubbed on it!]

… so imagine my surprise when I got back to work after my all-to-quick Easter break [where I only ate ONE choccie-egg because I spent hours trying to update my latest ‘gadget’, a mobile phone] to find Andy had bought – as in PAID FOR – these ‘monstrosities’.

What are they?

Believe it or not, they are the casings for some outrageously expensive hi-fi speakers [there are going to be EIGHT in all] which for the life of me, I have no idea why we want, let alone need them!

The only purpose of this post is to ‘name-and-shame’ the man who has decided to do try to out-ponce Saatchi – something that is both against our principals and most probably our wallets.  Dear oh dear …

They better at least sound amazing or there is going to be trouble.

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At least you won’t have to live with the bloody things every single day. Can you imagine what the bugger will be like if we actually win “you know what”? Poncy? We’ll make Posh and Becks jealous.
Hope you had a good easter mate, speak soon.

Comment by George

Well, given I am back at work while you have ANOTHER day off having just come back from a meeting in PARIS, I can tell you my Easter ain’t nearly as good as yours, ha!

I am trying not to imagine you-know-what for a number of reasons, with Andy’s buying habits adding to the list of unmentionables, ha!

Comment by Rob

You can’t talk about buying habits, ANOTHER mobile phone?

Comment by George

Yes another phone – and I’m still be expecting delivery of an iPhone in the not to distant future too. Addicted? Cheaper than crack!

Comment by Rob

you wont be saying that when you play queen, metallica or fucking mika at 10000 watts.
and enough of slagging me off, im dragging you sad bunch of fuckers into the modern age of design whether you like it or not.

Comment by andy@cynic

At least you didn’t talk about The Smiths …


Comment by Rob

Andy they are horrible. Put Queen through them and they become weapons of mass destruction.


Comment by Marcus Brown

you dont need to amplify queen to make them dangerous, just the thought of those fuckers scares the shit out of me. morning to you too.

Comment by andy@cynic

evening all. i hope everyone had a nice break. sorry to hear about your shortened easter break rob.
‘accidentally’ rubbed off the lovemarks chalk? are you sure?
i would have made a chalk angel.

oh, and andy, i really like the speakers [but i recommend not playing queen, the smiths or mika through them, except in an emergency].

Comment by lauren

How dare you even mention Mika in the same sentence, nay paragraph, nay post, NAY….the same BLOG as Queen and Metallica…


Until I can confirm the bass levels it does err badly on the poncey side though…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

erm.. Little shop of horrors.. ??? *smirk*

Comment by charlesfrith

Are you listening Andy????

Are you listening to what the people say????

Comment by Rob

The modern age of design is where everyone should be headed Andy. As you know focus groups are better ignored.

Comment by Hari

i sure do hari. i will ignore the masses and their “top man” view of design/fashion and drag the whole lot of them kicking, screaming and bleeding into the modern age.

Comment by andy@cynic


Plus, they remind me of the femidom.

(PS: cool article about mindshift / preconceptions (forgive the pun) here:,,1554324,00.html)

Comment by Gredge

Hello Gredge – thanks for the comment and I am especially glad you said ‘Femidom’ because that is exactly what my colleague called them to which he was shouted down [by Andy] for having an imagination even Walt Disney would have loved, ha!

Comment by Rob

I keep expecting them to shout “feed me NOW Seymour…”

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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