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Singapore’s Spooky Side …
April 1, 2007, 5:07 pm
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We all know Singaporeans love to shop – afterall, there isn’t much else you are able to do in the place – so have a guess what this as-far-as-the-eye-can-see queue is for?

So … what did you guess?

A sale?

The opening of a UK clothing brand?

A book signing by the countries dictator – I mean, Prime Minister?

No … you’d be wrong, even though I have seen queues of similar lengths for the above mentioned scenarios … no, this queue was for donuts.

Yes … donuts … and not even Krispy Kreme donuts, just some local shop that bungs out the dodgy rubbish you usually find in the bread counter at Woolies/Asda on a Sunday evening at 7pm.


But … as they say in all the cheap-night-telly ads … there’s more.So I was walking home from getting the Sunday paper today, when I came across this …

Maybe it’s all some elaborate April Fools Day prank – and if it is, I salute whoever is behind it – but if it’s not [and sadly, I don’t think it is] then I have to ask ‘WHY’????

This country can be weird – and even though I really like weird – it sort-of freaks me out sometimes, but I guess that’s better than being bored crapless. I think …

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Now mate, how did you know their donuts are rubbish? You were in the line weren’t you? weren’t you?

Comment by Hari

Amazingly I wasn’t – and not because of this bloody food thing I am on – but because a couple of years ago I had a very ‘bad’ experience with Krispy Kreme [ie: I ate far too many] that saw me in hospital within a week having my gangreenous [is that how you spell it?] gall bladder removed.

Not that I am immune from donuts, but you buggers don’t know what a real donut is – unlike the Thais! []

Comment by Robert

The UK only really has Krispy Kreme in London, darn it.

That Santa is odd…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

[…] here’s another queue… and while the last one Rob wrote about was for donuts but take a guess what this could be for… guys in bermudas, kids in prams… guess […]

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