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Good Luck Boys And Girls …
March 16, 2007, 10:51 am
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fingers crossed

Today is one of the biggest sort-of pitches in cynic‘s life and unfortunately I have to keep it all very hush-hush. 

Basically one of the World’s greatest, most famous and cool brands has asked us … and only us … to show them what we‘d do if we were given all their ad business. 

Given they’ve been with their very-good-agency for quite a long time, it’s quite an honour to be invited to chat … but I have to admit I’m somewhat concerned that if we win, it could change the nature of our little company forever.

This isn’t because the client in question is big [hell, we have some massive clients already] it’s because we’ve purposefully tried to keep ourselves ‘underground’ [ie: be the ‘A-Team’ of adland so only those in the know, know who we are and how to get to us*] and if we pull this off it’s going to be such a coup, we’ll instantly be elevated to global ad-fame … which as unbelievable as it may sound, we don’t actually want.

Anyway, I guess we’ll cross that bridge if/when it happens … but in the meantime, can you spare a ‘good-luck thought’ for my wonderful team of boys and girls who – quite frankly – are some of the brightest, loveliest, talented people in the World.

Guys – whatever happens, just make sure you enjoy yourselves, because that’s the most important thing to us.

* Is that the crappest analogy of all time? Mind you we used to say we were the Betty Ford Clinic for the Disenfranchised Adperson!

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Here’s to success Cynic mob!

Comment by Hari

On my knees praying.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

playing the theme of the A-team (or Rocky) for you guys!… good luck

Comment by lauren

Good luck everyone but who is it? It can’t be Nike as that pitch is common knowledge and you already deal with the other cool brands that spring to mind, so please will you fess up, I am a mate afterall.

Comment by Pete

Seen the work and its fucking class, really fucking amazing. We motherfucking rock.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I can see the rocky style training montage over the videos of you working on the pitch.

Good luck!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Only trouble with that analogy Rob is that , most of the people at cynic probably weren’t even born when Rocky came out … that’s why they refer to Andy, George and me as the Godfathers [but not in the Mafia sense. I hope, ha!]

Comment by Rob

A Rocky V style montage?

Thatsa nice-a pitcha boys… would be amusing if you three were the mafia of adland!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

What about the Team America montage … much more us.

Comment by Rob

which side of the wurst force would you like me to implement? The Dark side or the other side? I have both at my disposal and as I am on holiday have time to implement both.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Havent seen it yet, got the dvd in my queue to watch!

Theres a south park episode based on skiing where they have “the training montage song”. Thats perfect.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

(In a childish, whining voice)

I know who it is, I know who it is, I know who it is, I know who it is, I know who it is

Comment by Pete

Now thats just mean…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Hello Rob.
So you think I am being mean do you? Well let me tell you if the cynic mob win this account, the current agency of record will think they are positively horrible.

Comment by Pete

It was mean, but we know these guys; and they can be so much meaner if they wished!

Now im even more intrigued!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I don’t know who you are Pete, but if you actully do know who we’re talking to, you’d better keep your lips sealed or you’ll have all of us to answer to.

Comment by Jemma King

Pete vs cynic mob.

Now that a Pay Per View fight if ever there was one!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You better believe it

Comment by Jemma King


good luck!

Comment by Age

Don’t worry Jemma, I won’t breathe a word. The boys and Billy are old friends of mine plus I know they’d kick the crap out of me if I said anything so the secret is safe till you win the gig. Good luck.

Comment by Pete

pete – i think you just got told!

Comment by lauren

It’s the blog version of finding a horses head in my bed.

Comment by Pete

And you didnt even give the game away, I dread to think what you would have found then…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

a trojan on his hard drive..

Comment by lauren

Thanks for your luck/promise of silence/observations … just done a video conference introduction to the client detailing what the guys in the room are about to show them and how we got to that direction [we’re soooo high tech] and you’ll be over-the-moon to learn it went very well, ha.

The best bit is if we now lose, I can blame it on all the others as everything was fucking great when I said my goodbyes, ha!

Night guys … have a great weekend.

Comment by Rob

good luck.

Comment by Gareth

I hope to be reading all about it in the trade press soon, mate.

Comment by Mark

So do I … haha

Thanks mate …

Comment by Rob

[…] However being true to Yin Yang, we need some balance to all this good news and so it is with regret I have to announce we didn’t win the massive, exciting secret pitch I mentioned a while back. […]

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