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Almost Creeping Employee …
March 13, 2007, 12:20 pm
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What I love is that the massive post I wrote yesterday … a post that took me ages to write … had the LOWEST number of views of any post I’ve written in the last 3 months, which goes to show that either …

1 I had nothing to do yesterday

2 I had lots to do yesterday but used this post as an excuse to not do it

3 You are all too busy to read big rants

4 You are too lazy to read big rants

5 You’ve seen the light and decided I’m not worth the effort

Despite all that, I have decided to soldier on … but hopefully you’ll find this more ‘blog digestible’, ha!

So I was at the airport at some ungodly hour this morning with Hari, waiting for a plane to take us to some ungodly place [well, KL] when my finger – which I cut at the weekend while attempting to cook up a storm – decided to start bleeding again.

Because Hari is still quite new, he obviously feels he still needs to impress … because he immediately got up and rushed to the chemist to buy me some plasters. [Let me tell you, no one who has been working with me for any period of time would do that!]

However, within minutes he came back with a package that proved to me that I’d hired exactly the right sort of evil-genius …

You see instead of buying me normal Elastoplasts … he had gone and bought a pack of Superman band-aids – ensuring I look [even more] like a cock to all I meet for the next few days.

Well done Hari … I am proud of you … infact the only thing I would have done differently is buy the ‘Barbie’ version of the plasters for maximum tosser effectiveness – but then I am your boss and you are still in your probation period aren’t you, haha!

Oh, and imagine you were an employee at Delfrance and had management put this notice up by your till …

Talk about saying to your employee’s “WE DON’T TRUST YOU”

Talk about saying to your customers “DON’T TRUST US”

Alright … alright … so it’s quite a sweet way to counteract the [possible] issue of staff dipping into the till … but it still feels weird, but not as weird as when I paid $5 for a small bottle of orange juice only to find it was actually Robinson’s Orange Squash!

Thieving French Gits … only thing they’ve given the World is the plague, ha!

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rob, you’ll probably shoot me for saying this, but did you perhaps have a taste of your own medicine with your big rant yesterday? by not practising what you preach?

you plastered us with information upon information upon information and instead of being impressed by the power and enormity of your message, we tuned out.

instead, it seems that we prefer the concise and succint form of hrh campbell telling it like it is.

well, that and you failed mention sausages.

PS.. nice choice on the bandaid hari. rob’s right: barbie would definitely have been a better choice.

Comment by lauren

Thanks Lauren,

The Barbie was a better choice… hang on for 3 months, then I can cut his finger just to buy that for him…(evil laughter)

Comment by Hari

Hey Lauren, we all can make mistakes can’t we … or are you one of those bloody DICTATORS that demands 100% consistency each and every time?

OK … OK … so I wrote too much about too many things … but at least my Mum liked it so that’s all that counts, ha!

I think we can both agree ‘normal service’ has returned. Ahem.

Oh and Hari, even if I WAS wearing a Barbie plaster, I still wouldn’t look as bad as the photo of you that tends to come up when you post a comment, ha

Comment by Robert

yes rob, i’m a dictator. you will call me Frau Führer from now on


Comment by lauren

You do realise you are close to Andy asking ‘Wife 3’ for a divorce so he can marry you!

You have been warned!

Comment by Rob

Hari just demonstrated why he is perfect for cynic. He acts like he is sucking up, but then actually takes the piss, but not enough to truly annoy you.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Yes that had crossed my mind as well … though compared to the others, he’s still a baby, ha!

Comment by Rob

you better be taking the piss out of andy with that comment rob, or you’re freakin’ me out…[nothing personal andy]

Comment by lauren

I probably freaked both of you with that comment … but for different reasons, hahaha!

Comment by Rob

Im intrigued now, what are the most extreme things cynic people have ever done to you or andy to suck up or take the piss?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You’ll see one of them tomorrow on this blog … which will hopefully show Hari he has a lot of improvement to make.

Comment by Rob

i hope your example shows me in an inspirational evil light.

Comment by andy@cynic

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