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Dish Served Cold …
March 8, 2007, 4:13 pm
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OK, lets get this out into the open … I can be a right vindictive little fucker sometimes. [Sorry Mum, but I can!]

Don’t worry, I don’t just go after people willy-nilly … they must have been unjustifiably bad towards me, my family or one of my friends … but when it happens, I swear revenge, even if it means having to wait years to make it happen.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is that I’m in Bangkok at a Media Training conference and I finally managed to get my own back on some bitch who tried to screw me over TEN YEARS AGO!

Basically, when I first moved to Australia I needed a job and found myself in the media department of JWT.You have to understand I’d just moved from HHCL where I was a strat planner with a team doing some amazing through-the-line work … only to end up infront of a computer, buying TARPS for fucking Sunsilk Shampoo!!! In Australia!!!

As you can expect, I found this rather frustrating – especially as I felt it was not actually doing the client any good interms of their business goals – so typically I started to speak up and say how short-sighted this all was.

Naturally this pissed off my ego-maniac, conservative Media Director – especially as I was introducing things like insights and consumer connection points into our clients comms plans – so everyday I was called into her room and bollocked to within an inch of my life.

In the end [about 2 months later] I couldn’t take it and resigned having met the World’s greatest and nicest planner [Mark Sareff] who said he’d get me back to what I was good at doing. {I mean planning, not just pissing about! Ha!]

I found out how much I was hated when the Media Department whip-around didn’t even generate enough cash for them to buy me a leaving card – but I didn’t care – I was out of there with some valuable lessons in how not to run/manage a department.

Before I started my new job, I went to visit my ill Dad in England … all happy that when I got back, it would be a fresh start … only to return and find my bitch of an ex-boss had spent the time I was away trying to get my new job offer rescinded.

I couldn’t believe it … hell, I wasn’t that important to have someone go to all that effort – but that’s what the petty, small-minded bitch had been doing and I am just grateful Mark stuck to his guns and took me on a journey that was integral in my achievements to date.

So what’s all this got to do with revenge?

Well because TEN YEARS LATER, I find we’re both speakers at the same conference and I took great pleasure in making her squirm both privately [telling her how wrong she was to treat me that way and that she was a case history in how I wasn’t going to treat the people in my company/care] and then publically [where I told the conference delegates that the lady at the back had called me stupid for believing in the things all media companies are trying to get a grip on today]

Cheap shot?  Yes.

Pretty low thing to do?  Yes.

Unprofessional? Yes.

Rewarding and vindicating?  Abso-fucking-lutely.

The thing is, she’s actually become much nicer now … and she even apologised to me … but I told her that had I not had such great support from people both inside and outside the industry – she could have literally destroyed my career because in just 8 little weeks, she nearly destroyed my confidence.

If you believe in something … give it a go … if it’s wrong you’ve learnt something but it’s better than to live a life of not knowing.

I know that’s all very deep – but it’s the values my parents bestowed on me and that’s probably the greatest gift I could ever of had.

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Comment by fredrik sarnblad

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Don’t ever let me be one of the people you want to get revenge on Freddie! I’d rather you kick me in the nuts if I piss you off than hold in the anger and release it in an evil rage years later.

Comment by Rob

Hi Rob, I am happy for you, I know exactly what you feel it was about 12 years back that my boss in my first ever full time job told me “You’re nothing but a glorified Peon”

In a wierd sort of way that worked for me, as I promised myself I would show her and got onto a train the next day, making my way 2000Kms north to Mumbai and I hope that the journey never stops.

I don’t think I’ll ever meet her at a conference, but whenever I see her, I think I’m going to thank her and make her feel even more miserable.

Comment by onesmallvoice

The same message I wrote to Fred goes to you Hari – but I might have some revenge to lay on you if that horrid photo of you keeps turning up on my blog, hahaha

Comment by Rob


Comment by fredrik sarnblad

*%#@%#&*(! (My sincere apologies Mrs.C) but I don’t know where the hell that pic is and it keeps sneaking onto your blog. It’s not even on my blog!

Comment by Hari

Hilarious Hari.

Seems like Hari wants to look like the Deepak Chopra of planning.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

The value of sticking to your guns… and with some sweet revenge as well!

What did you end up doing with that scan btw?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

The reason why I needed that scan you very kindly did for me will all be revealed very soon …

Cue: EVIL LAUGH! [But not as evil as Hari’s pic!]

Comment by Rob

Sounds interesting!
I look forward to it…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

i’ve put a reminder in my diary, rob: Never Piss Off Rob Campbell from Cynic.
best served cold? you serve revenge at 32 below!

Comment by lauren

That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me Lauren, thank you.

Comment by Rob

Would you like some liquid nitrogen with your revenge sir?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Oooooooh that sounds fun … but if you think I’m bad, you should hear Andy’s story when his 2nd wife fucked him over. Pure evil.

Comment by Rob

Andy… do tell please!
(Or Rob just tell us anyway…)

Comment by Rob Mortimer

OK … though I/Andy may have told you this before.

So Andy’s 2nd wife had cheated on him and they went and visited a marriage counciller to try and find some sort of peace and resolution.

Anyway, during the session, his wife burst into tears and begged for his forgiveness – having previously blamed her act on a moment of loneliness [she had been away working on the Terminator 3 movie as a special effects person] which she felt Andy also had a responsibility for.

So the counciller looks at Andy and with sobs piercing the room, said something like … “Can you see how she’s changed Andy?”

To which Andy looks his soon-to-be ex up and down and replies, “Yeah, I can see the change, she’s put on a few kilos”

Marriage over …

Comment by Rob

uh.. no worries?

i’m sure you’ll be pleased to know anyway, that sunsilk, despite it’s recent ‘which one are you?’ campaign that was fucking everywhere, still fails to really shine on the hair care scale (pun intended).

Comment by lauren

That was right wasn’t it Andy … and if you didn’t want me to say it, I am really sorry – but I am sure you [or maybe me] has said it before.

Comment by Rob


Comment by lauren

Nice one. What goes around……

Comment by charlesfrith

And boy Charles … had Andy’s ex been around, ha!

Comment by Rob

is she the type to seek revenge through a defamation lawyer?

Comment by lauren

I’m really starting to like this thread.

Comment by Marcus Brown

…Well, my respect for Andy has gone up after that! Witty and caustic with a hint of revenge multiplied by the most inappropriate moment he could find.


Comment by Rob Mortimer

robs a cheeky fuck but hes right she was a complete fucking bitch but this post makes me look quite cool, so ill let it pass.

Comment by andy@cynic

Your comment WAS cool Andy, I was very proud – but not as proud as your chat up line for Mary – that was just inspired.

God I’m sharing the love aren’t I, ha!

Comment by Rob

I’d give what you did to that bitch another name – “Karma”.

Comment by Mark

Yes Mark … I think that about sums it up nicely

Comment by Rob

good for you, man. i’m glad you had the opportunity to set things straight. it still amazes me that people can be mean and petty to their subordinates when it’s such a small world and what goes around comes around at such amazing speed.

Comment by joji

Thanks Joji – it’s been a good week for revenge, I’ve just had some other news which has warmed the deepest part of my evil mind!

Comment by Rob

Good man Rob, good man. Worrying now about likening you to Bob Hoskins.

Comment by NP

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