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Don’t Piss Off Nature …
March 7, 2007, 7:10 am
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red cross

So yesterday I was on the phone when I suddenly started to feel sick … the sort of sick you get on a boat that is being rocked side to side.

Imagine my surprise [read: horror] when I looked up and saw the blinds on my 36th floor office window were also rocking … and then it hit me … it was an Earthquake and my building was doing the quaking!

Anyway, we all left as quickly as we could but I was astounded to see that the majority of people in the building stood either about 10 feet from the building or in the main foyer.


It all happened again abit later [and yes, they all stood close to the building again!] and while it was distressing for us, I can’t imagine how horrible it was for the poor people in Indonesia where the centre of the quake was.

I just hope not too many people have been affected as they’ve had enough suffering from earthquakes already.

Anyway, I’m off to Thailand now, to bully … I mean mentor … a bunch of media people about creative thinking [I hope to have lots to write about regarding the level of training given to staff by agencies] so as it might be a couple of days before I post again, I thought I’d highlight a few things of probably no-interest …

1 I’ve updated Jill’s blog of stupid comments. [I am sure she’s over-the-moon about that]

2 I’d love it if you could give Rob’s petition another push [maybe give it a ention on your own wonderful blogs?]

3 Can you please say ‘Welcome Back Billy’ as the poor bugger has had abit of a bad time and probably needs some lovin’

So till next time …  

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the earthquake you experienced wont be as fucking bad as the one you will experience when jill finds out youre still taking the piss.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s why I’m in Bangkok isn’t it.

Oh and Andy, just to make you abit more angry, this is the view from my bloody massive and gorgeous SUITE at the Sukothai, haha!

And remember, I get this paid for by the convention people – abit better than the cheesy-shite you’re staying in Dallas I bet!

Comment by Robert

Now now children.

Comment by Marcus Brown

you jammy, clever bastard

Comment by andy @ cynic

you got no skype at that bloody conference. We need to plan what to do about mr. fucking “I hate opera”.

Comment by Marcus Brown

[…] when the earthquake happened a few weeks ago, I was in a lift with 21 […]

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