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What Do You Think Eyes Are For Mr Brand Owner?
March 6, 2007, 9:34 am
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One thing I absolutely hate is when a brand spends tons of cash justifying their new packaging design.

I appreciate it is exciting for them … but come on, why spend all that cash ESPECIALLY when the consumer can spot the difference as soon as they look at the bloody thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying design – or packaging design – is pointless [I wouldn’t dare, especially as my other half does some of the coolest stuff around] however it does seem that quite often companies mess around with their ‘wrapping’ because …

1 They think it can suddenly jolt them out of a sales lull – when in reality, the problem is far more fundamental.

2 They follow the 1950’s marketing theory of “You Always Need ‘New’ News In The Marketplace’ … and with nothing else to say, choose to change their ‘look’.

As I said, I regard design as a very important element in communication and branding – and in certain circumstances, it can make all the difference between success and failure – however there are other situations where spending a fortune telling people about their new look [ie: Smirnoff with their new bottle and Tiger with their new label] just seems totally indulgent … I mean, do they really think it’s going to suddenly make people want to buy tons of the stuff, just because their bottle/label is different?

[And in Smirnoff’s case it was especially mental as the bottle re-design was only for the bars/clubs so the consumer would never see it in the first place!]

These sort of things annoy the crap out of me … mainly because often, they are done for the wrong reasons … but given we seem to be in a phase of Marketing Devolution, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

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Im not sure whether I agree here. Design and packaging is such a huge part of how we are attracted to products; but at the same time, redesign for the sake of it is pointless.

I shall think…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

although i agree with you about not wasting dosh on pointless window dressing or repackaging for the sake of it, as a consumer, every now and again i appreciate a heads-up about a new look for some products. mainly because there have been a few times where i’ve ‘lost’ the product i want in amongst the carnival of a supermarket ‘cos i usually identify it by its packaging and it’s gone and changed on me. perhaps that says more about my laziness as a shopper than anything else, but hey.. (shrug)

Comment by lauren

Aren’t I agreeing with you though Rob?

Maybe I’ve not made myself clear because I am a huuuuuuuuuuuuge advocate of packaging and design – I just hate it when brands alter things either in minute detail or for with no real consumer benefit [because they have nothing else to say/do] then spenf a fortune telling the masses how great they are with this weird expectation it’ll make them jump up and buy it in the bucketload.

Then again, as Lauren is slagging me off too, maybe I’m talking a load of old balls – it wouldn’t be the first time, ha!

Actually the whole concept of people ‘buying visually’ is a major issue … which is probably why so many companies tend to ‘tinker’ with their packaging rather than doing something completely fresh and different – which leads back to my initial question of why the hell do they then make a big deal out of it with their ads?

Am I being daft?

Could be … we had 2 earthquakes today and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling having my office on the 36th floor start rocking.

Comment by Rob

enjoyed in 60 countries around the world?

what a bunch of big headed fuckwits. what they dont say is that its only enjoyed by one person in each country.

are these the mob you insulted by saying they were like a desperate bloke trying to get a bird to be interested in him?

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes Andy … they’re the ones.

I think what I actually said was using that campaign made them sound like some bloke desperately trying to impress a woman who was simply not in the least bit interested in them.

“But I have a car”

“And a really great job”

“I earn tons”

“Lots of people like me”

“I’m enjoyed in 60 countries around the world”

Comment by Rob

Anyway … aren’t you supposed to be in Dallas?

Go and keep our paying clients happy, and don’t get Dallas-Belly.

Comment by Rob

fucking slave driver. im going, im going.

Comment by andy@cynic

I suppose you are! Design can save products (Coke Zero) and sometimes ruin them.

Its amazing how many pointless redesigns have happened recently. Walkers and Lynx for two starters.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

And anything by Microsoft … hahaha.

That reminds me, must do my Vista rant soon.

Comment by Rob

The next version will be out before we ever see your Vista rant!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Hahahaha … you know me so well!

Comment by Rob

If you are saying you’re a pontificator, what does that make Andy then?

Comment by George


Easily Distracted?



Delusions Of Grandeur?


All the above?

[I think it prudent of me to point out that Andy is most definitely NOT lazy … he’s alot of things, but lazy ‘ain’t one of them. Phew, that’s stopped any chance of WW3 starting!

Comment by Rob

rob, when i slag people off, i’m not so polite and i don’t provide a reasonable argument. if i was slagging you off, i’d probably say something like – “don’t be so fucking naive rob”… (it’s my favourite insult at the moment).

Comment by lauren

So does this mean you fancy me then?

Nah … more like humouring me, haha!

Comment by Rob

does this mean i fancy you then? don’t be so fucking naive rob!

Comment by lauren

That’s the spirit Lauren …

Comment by Rob

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