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Tense, Nervous Headache? You Must Be At Delhi Airport.
March 2, 2007, 4:00 pm
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The above photos are the queue trying to get INTO the airport. And no, it is not because there’s been a bomb scare or that it’s a national holiday … it’s because over a billion people live in the place and this is a ‘normal airport’ scene.

However, what I particularly love is that India are doing an ad campaign called “INCREDIBLE INDIA” which tends to focus on the calm, spiritual elements of the country.

All well and good … however, when they place a billboard of this campaign inside the bloody airport, it’s message sort of loses it’s effectiveness!

When will media shops understand buying media in isolation of the consumer environment/brand idea is stupid? 

Yeah, so they all say they don’t do this sort of thing … and yeah, you can say it is a by-product of companies demanding numerical justification for every dollar spent on marketing [which ironically is probably leading to less effective media strategies than ever before] … however when a media buyer/planner purchases media without really understanding/appreciating/considering the consumers mindset interms of brand/environment/media channel, then I think that is bloody unprofessional and get really pissed off when clients go on about how more ‘business appreciative’ they are than creative agencies!

[I’m not saying creative agencies are necessarily business appreciative, it’s just that in the main they are about as good/bad as media shops!]

OK, so not ALL comms/media companies are like this [Naked for one are brilliant at understanding what’s going on in consumers lives/heads and using it to deliver interesting, relevant and effective communication] and I certainly don’t want to start a ‘Media vs Creative’ war [especially as I am a mentor at the Asian Media Conference next week] however I do wish more communication professionals appreciated [as well as practiced] the inclusion of consumer/human insights within their media thinking – because when they focus purely on the ‘potential audience figures’, they end up placing communication that’s about as effective as this sign in the garden of the Taj Mahal …


One of the 179 photos I took at the majestic place. Hmmmm, so that sign didn’t exactly work with me or the other 10,000 people there did it?

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I’ll take some photos of the Toyota campaign I told you about over the weekend. Now THAT is unbelievable. The biggest outdoor media campaign Germany has ever seen. I’m not joking EVERY SINGLE BILLBOARD has this campaign on it.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Bung ’em over – and then we have to do the VISTA bollocks we all talked about recently too.

Comment by Rob

Would you put ads for Lexus cars in the middle of a council housing estate? why do people put ads in other places that are just as stupid?!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You know Rob – there are some Media ‘experts’ that WOULD suggest doing what you’ve just proposed … they would say ‘surprise’ is an important element to create consumer memorability.

I on the other hand would smack them over the head. With a great big hammer.

Comment by Rob

…or lock them in the loo with George.

Comment by Marcus Brown

The only reason I could ever see for doing that would be to “increase aspirational value”… but thats in the banned words list anyway.

Hey Rob, did you get that Palmolive scan thing?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

… after getting him to eat 4 more plates of Mace curry, washed down with the finest Indian tap water. I think that would fall foul of the Geneva Convention, but what-the-hell, they’d deserve it.

Off for my weekend now – have a great one all and I can’t wait to impress you with my latest and greatest [albeit from a low base] magic trick.

Hahaha, I can hear the groans from here. Ta …

Comment by Rob

Oh god I forgot to say thanks … yes I did get it Rob, you are a star – it shall be used [and reported on] in the next 2 weeks. [as will SONY’s comments about your post on them]

I have a feeling in both cases, a less than positive output will be received, hahahaha!

Comment by Rob


I want Sony to improve, its loving criticism… though they may not see it that way!

Have a good weekend!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You and me both matey …

Have a good one too, must go or the missus will go mental, ha!

Comment by Rob

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