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Anna-Nicole Smith …
February 9, 2007, 7:18 am
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Thank you Andy for this … I am sure her family are very touched as well as impressed at your speed of insult.

[From report of her death to this image in just 50 minutes!]

You do realise you’re going to hell don’t you?

Then again, given you ensured that was going to happen years ago with your Christopher Reeve ‘Stairway To Heaven’ evil-genius piccie [see below] I suppose you’ve got nothing to lose anymore.


I know she was a nutter … but she’d had a bloody hard life so I’m actually sad for her [and what hope is there for the little baby she’d just had!] … though I do have to admit, the pic did raise a smirk on my face – which is probably something she’d find pleasing given she seemed to enjoy making people laugh .

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Pure evil that makes me smile.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

And you … a Dad of 3.

Comment by Rob

God, i’ll miss those…


Comment by Age

so will i age. so will i.

Comment by andy@cynic

another dad of 3 reporting for evil duty.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Oh God … what am I surrounded with?

Comment by Rob

Count me in on the Dad’s of 3 who find this funny.

Comment by George

Why do so many of my friends all seem to have 3 kids [or 3 marriages!]


[And yes, I have also recognised Anna-Nicole had big enough breasts for 3 normal ones. Weird]

Comment by Rob

I have neither 3 kids nor 3 marriages, though I do have 3 brothers…

Didnt know she had died, not sure what to make of it really.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

3 Brothers … THREE AGAIN!

I only knew she died when I received Andy’s ‘handiwork’ – which is probably not the way Anna-Nicole would of liked the World to find out.

Comment by Rob

I’m not making this up, but I do actually have three sisters.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Given what you just told a client in this afternoon’s conference call, you should check to make sure you don’t have 3 balls.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

good call Fred, good call.

Comment by Marcus Brown

I wonder if she had a touching reunion with her husband up there in heaven?
I have three sisters two, that’s I try and look hard, it hides my over developed feminine side.
And well said Mr Sarnblad

Comment by Northern Planner

Yes … well that client deserved it as you well know Fred – or would you like to work on her business abit more???

Comment by Rob

figures they’d take the anna-nicole smith pic… juvenile fucks! (pot, kettle, black and all that jazz)

Comment by lauren

Lauren – you are my freedom fighter or something …

Comment by Rob

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