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Who Do You Think You Are?
February 7, 2007, 10:42 am
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If some of you have already seen this, I apologise … but if you click here, you can find out which celebrities you apparently share scientific facial features with.

[You have to sign up for the program, but it’s free and takes 30 seconds!]

Unfortunately for me, I have commonalities with Woody Allen, Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello [which is hardly something to be proud about] however the fact is if we can get this sort of ‘facial recognition’ technology on the internet, can you imagine what airport security is able to achieve?

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I have tried this and I don’t look like anyone. Worrying.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Rather look like no one than Woody FUCKING Allen!

Comment by Rob

true. true.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Mind you, a mate once got described as the bastard love child of Woody Allen and Slash [from Guns n’ Roses] … talk about geek chic!

Comment by Rob

Some would say I look like Zinezine Zidane which isn’t so bad for a bald chap – and Rob did say I looked quite hard.

Comment by Northern Planner

Can I just explain that when I commented on how Northern Planner looked ‘hard’, I meant it in the sense of being TOUGH. Just to clear up any possibly misunderstandings. Thank you.

Comment by Rob

The way you translated my comment troubles me

Comment by Northern Planner

..and has anyone mentioned that you remind them of Bob Hoskins? Maybe it’s just this picture..

Comment by Northern Planner

at least you all got to look like the same gender! my look alikes included both nicole kidman and rob lowe circa st elmo’s fire!! not so nice being told you look like a bloke…

and just yesterday i heard a rumour that development of facial recognition technology is being [financially] supported by the huge casinos in vegas to detect the serious card counters who have been getting major cosmetic surgery to skip through bans placed on them by said casinos for scalping them for millions each year (aw.. poor dears)!
but then, it’s all just hearsay and circumstance.

Comment by lauren

NP … as long as it’s Bob Hoskins in 24/7 phase rather than Mario Brothers, then that’s OK … and Lauren, you should read “Breaking Las Vegas” [I think] by Ben Mezrich [I think, ha!] – which goes some way to explain why Casino’s NEED facial recongnition technology AND it’s an amazing read, not nearly as bad as I’ve just made it sound.

Comment by Rob

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