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For A Stiff Upper …
February 7, 2007, 11:28 pm
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A day or so ago, I wrote about how we pitched for the Viagra account and suggested using famous ‘pork-swordsman’, James Hunt as the brand ambassador.

Anyway, this obviously inspired the quite mad-but-clever-and-lovely Marcus, because today, he sent me the above ‘ad’.

Now as much as Andy’s review was ‘the look and feel is rather desperate’ I do think the idea is rather cute – and given Marcus now earns his money by being some German Printing Commandant [admittedly the World’s Smartest German Printing Commandant ], you have to agree this is far better than the Pele rubbish the highly-paid, creative-knobends came up with.

Anyway, I might [or might not] be ‘off air’ for a bit so feel free to browse around the rest of the blog or simply forget all about me – but let me tell you this …

[Cue: Austrian accent] I’ll Be Baaaaaaaack.

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As opposed to a British Printing Commandant?

How’s he swap nationality like that? Or is he actually a German guy working in a British printing company? It’s so confusing.

Comment by Pete

Does it matter? They’re all part of the EU anyhow.

Comment by Rob

I would like to point out that that is NOT a layout. It is an idea. Nothing more, nothing less. So Andy should just calm down, and get a slave to make a nicer version. Because I can’t be arsed.

And Pete, I’m a Brit, living in Germany, working for a German printing company.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Is analagy for BBC Brown’s newly discovered Mojo?
Sigmund Freud

Comment by Northern Planner

i know its an idea, its even a quite good idea, but visually its crap so get over it and move on.

Comment by andy@cynic

but i still like you. probably more than rob.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Rob

andy. over it.
NP. Maybe.
Everybody else. Morning.

Comment by Marcus Brown

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