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What Do You Do If You’re A Vietnamese Hairdresser Without Money To Open A Shop?
January 16, 2007, 5:57 pm
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CLUE 1: In Vietnam, the main means of transport is the moped – meaning everywhere is a potential ‘carpark’.

CLUE 2: In Vietnam, every road is literally heaving with people and transport every minute of every day.


CLUE 3: In Vietnam, there’s no such thing as a ’single dwelling home’

CLUE 4: Vietnam is a social place resulting in people spending more time ‘out of home’ than in it.


Well, have you got your answer yet?

It’s simple … if you’re a Vietnamese hairdresser without enough money to open a shop, what you do is …

ANSWER: Turn the street into your shop! 

OK, I admit it … I looooooooooove Vietnam. 

Apart from the fact the people, the culture and the history are so amazing, their ingenuity is what totally blows me away.

It doesn’t matter if it is on an individual scale or on a National scale … when the Vietnamese are faced with adversity, they unite and persevere till they find a way to achieve whatever it is they need to achieve – as demonstrated by their ability to overcome threats as diverse as the US Army and Avian Flu to name but two in their long history of overcoming aggressors.

This country truly embodies ‘Triumph Over [Any] Adversity’ which is maybe why cynic have decided to set up a company in Hanoi called ’The Smarts Lab’ … a Vietnamese co-operative [local people will be share holders in the venture] that helps major global organisations overcome business issues be it in manufacturing, production or distribution. [More details as I get them] 

Seriously, for all the talk of creativity in business today –  I am yet to see an organisation that can solve problems as amazingly, consistently and effectively as the people of Vietnam.

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id like to say intel got the idea about vietnam off us, not the other way round. i never want people to think a fucking nerdy computer chip manufacturer inspired me to do anything other than kill anyone associated with their fucking shit ads.

Comment by andy @ cynic

i hope alls ok with you and your mum. you expressed yourself beautifully but then youre a sensitive soul so its to be expected. i on the other hand, am a grumpy shit, so it should of left me cold but it didnt. your dad was a top man, you take after him.

Comment by andy @ cynic

The more obstacles in your way the better you will becoming at getting round them…

Its nice to see Andy being kind to you. I dont know much about your dad, but if he was half as cool as your anecdotes would imply then he must have been a great influence and a great person.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

dont worry rob1, normal service will resume soon.
robs dad was an amazing person and a big influence, and as much as i hate to admit it, a lot of it has rubbed off on his son too. this niceness is ruining my hard man image so im off to learn some vietnamese or at least go and eat some.

btw rob2, your email is down, so just to let you know fastcompany want to do a thing on smart labs so can i get rebecca to sort out any comments from your side? call when you are back, chin up.

Comment by andy @ cynic

The more Andy pretends to be grumpy, the more you realise he’s probably a really nice bloke. The emotional equivalent of a combover…..

Comment by Northern Planner

Northern Planner … you have a death wish.

Saying he’s a really nice bloke is one thing, saying he is the equvilent of a combover is more than fighting talk, it’s death talk – especially as this is the man who broke the nose of his old art director in a fight over a bloody headline.

He’s away till Monday … I suggest you, write a will, say bye to your loved ones, see a plastic surgeon and hide out in Mongolia.

God you are brave. And stupid. And that’s why I like you …

Comment by Rob

I can run very fast over short distances, and I’ll blind him with the light bouncing off mu head

Comment by Northern Planner

You might just get away with it because you can run very fast and he’s rather ‘large’ [and not in any ‘positive sense’ of the word] because he has attuned himself to handle working with shiny-heads [ie: me] and has got to the point where he doesn’t even need sunglasses when out in the open. I can’t wait till he comes back and see’s this – and he will, because I’ll tell him too, ha!

Comment by Rob

lol. Such the instigator, Rob.
Why do I have an image of a big bald guy dressed up like The Predator coming after you Northern Planner?…

Comment by Age

Age – that depends whether you are talking about me or Andy!

Comment by Rob

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