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Is Photoshop Stopping Imagination?
December 4, 2006, 9:18 am
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Photoshop is an amazing thing … in a matter of minutes, it can literally make the impossible, possible … the unlikely, likely and the ridiculous, errrrrm, ridiculous [as demonstrated by my ‘new look’ courtesy of the missus!]

But what gets me is that with all this technology … I see less and less communication that really reflects this. 

Sure … things are made nice and neat and thinner and brighter … but interms of taking the consumers brain on a wild journey, it just feels like there is less about than there once was.

Why is this?

Well, of course some of it could be because when the technology first came out, there was complete and utter overkill [like CGI] but have we all started becoming boring?  Only dealing in degrees of reality?

And what makes me laugh is that while clients are happy to pontificate [usually using corporate ‘buzz’ words] to consumers … when it comes to doing something that really will tap into their imagination and emotions, they tend to pull out some out-of-date, out-of-context research to explain they just simply cannot do it.

It’s sad … not for the ad industry … but for consumers, because more and more organisations are treating them like dumb idiots when the reality is they’re very smart – they just look bored to tears because the advertising they are subjected to [the advertising supposedly ‘crafted’ to have the biggest impact on them] is absolutely, mind-numbingly, thoughtless-provokingly crap.

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I think people have grown to dislike artificial reality, except for where it has a good purpose (effects to make a point, like the Fern Britton ads).

I remember a fantastic ad from the 60s/70s where a load of sheep were put into an ad on a London street. It was done entirely by hand, and was remarkable for the time.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I think it’s more a case of people not liking artificial imagination … where CGI/photoshop is utilised to make up for a lack of an idea rather than take people on a more imaginative journey.

Lets hope so … just seen the concepts for stage 2 of the SONY brand work and it’s amazing.

Think Fantasia, meets La Boheme meets the fight scene from Lord Of The Rings. Interesing?

Comment by Rob

Sounds like a great idea.

Though that picture is horrifying…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Horrifying? Boo Hoo … even though you’re totally right, ha!

Comment by Rob

[…] this when they produce wallpaper communication with an over-reliance on production values and photo/image manipulation. No Comments so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack URI […]

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Why are you showing us an untreated shot when the post is about photoshop? One for the laydeeez I think.

Comment by NP

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