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Goodness In A Cup …
November 22, 2006, 12:40 am
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If I say ‘Ovaltine’ … what comes to mind and what feelings do you get – even if they are from a time gone by. Ta.

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Yeah, goodness is a nice way to sum it up.
Made from Malt, Choc (I think), Milk and Mum. Great things, emotionally and probably physically.

Comment by Pete

Yes it does have chocolate in it but did you know the MALT acts like fibre and helps keeps you ‘regular’. Scary eh? But at least it was better than eating a bowl of ‘Fibre Flakes’ or whatever was in our pantry during my youth.

Comment by Rob

No wonder I spent so much of my youth on the toilet. I lived on Ovaltine. That product took away my youth!

Comment by Pete

Love it … Ovaltine Stole My Youth!

Maybe they should do a joint promo with Andrex or something, ha!

Comment by Rob

For me its rabbits (my girlfriend has a rabbit called Ovaltine!)

Otherwise bedtime is what I would think of!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

[…] … spare a thought for me/us, given we’re about to present the REAL Ovaltine Client the brand idea they asked us to develop about a couple of months or so […]

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I think of the movie A Christmas Story.

Comment by kala

Thanks for that Kala – any reason why?

Comment by Rob

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