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Tempting Tellies …
November 20, 2006, 10:29 am
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When I was a kid, I wanted a television in my room sooooooooooooo badly. 

It wasn’t so I could watch the slightly dodgy movies on Channel 4 [come to think of it, Channel 4 wasn’t even around when I was a kid] … it was so I could feel like an adult and have independence from my parents watching Panorama or Newsnight or whatever it was they loved.

I finally got an Aunt’s castoff when I was 15 and boy, did I think I was hotshit – especially as it had a remote control.  So easily pleased.

So anyway, this weekend I was walking around and came across HANNSpree – a company who make TV’s in pretty interesting styles from animals and fire trucks, right through to football and watches.

Now putting aside the fact many parents are trying to encourage their kids to play outdoors rather than spend time infront of the gogglebox [even if it is playing games rather than watching television] … I do think this is a lovely idea.

Hell, I haven’t got any kids and I still wanted to go in and buy one – which sort of proves the importance of design in the decision-buying process!

If only some companies/categories understood, we’d probably live in a much prettier World, ha!

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Hey we took pictures of these TVs over the past weekend as well. We bumped into them at Myer while trying to pre-order our Wii and not having kids, had never seen them before.

Have to agree that they are terrific.

Comment by Sean G

They are terrific … but not as terrific as the Wii!!! Trust me, you’ll love it [had a play because a friend of mine is an R&D bod at Nintendo]

Oh, and to Andy who is probably going to read this even though he’s supposed to be on holiday – I DID NOT BUY THE PS3 EVEN THOUGH I COULD HAVE!

Yes, I am maturing!

Comment by Rob

yes, but youll still buy one eventually wont you? i give it a month. going now, the missus will go mad if she sees im online.

Comment by andy @ cynic

The PS3 looks good, but I’ll be in Meadowhall on December 8th with my Wii preorder!

Notice how 70% of people buying PS3s were selling them, while almost all people buying Wii’s are going to play them!

There was a nice Cars tv that came out recently. I used to love the old space helmet (I forget if it was Sony or JVC) tv.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Unfortunately I am one of those sad shits that’ll have a Wii and PS3 to go with the Xbox 360. It’s obviously a reaction to having a bloody G7000 as a kid instead of Atari 2600 or the [height of technology] Intellivision

Comment by Rob

Ill have either a 360 or PS3, but I havent decided which yet. I already have a PS2, GameCube, DS and PSP! (Our list of old consoles is huge, I still have a C64 / Megadrive / Snes)

The G7000! Wasnt that the phillips one? I still would love a Vectrex for those nify vector lines. Unfortunately I think I count as a gaming Otaku.

Wii’s virtual console is going to drain my wallet more than my house I fear!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I have a Vectrex … it’s in the cynic NYC office and it still works. Or it did the last time I was there.

It was soooooooooooooo cool [even better than ‘Astro Wars’] but now it is just a bit of plastic poo with a grid pasted onto a screen.

Comment by Rob

Geez. They are worth a reasonable amount in good condition!

One thing im excited about is that the Wii is the first console ive ever been able to afford on launch day. (Except DS which I imported before it came out here)

I think a Wii online challenge is appropriate when the online services lauches!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

An online challenge? Oh god yes – and when you thrash me, I can say, “The youth of today have nothing better to do than play games!”

Comment by Rob

But the great thing is with the Wii we’ll both be starting from almost scratch. Maybe the winner can play Andy..! (at least we’ll win that one 😉 )

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Stevie Wonder would beat Andy … he is the most technologically inept human being since a guy I worked with called ‘Sarge’ – who would construct emails by writing them out in pencil, putting EMAIL at the top of the page and getting his PA to send them. Genius. Infact, if you were to call him today, you’d still hear my voice in the background of his voicemail telling him what button to press after leaving his “Sorry I’m Not Here To Take Your Call” message.

Comment by Rob

Brilliant! I think more people should do that, email by post!

Maybe Andy will be a good test case to see how non gamers take to the Wii…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

He’s played it … and loved it … mainly because the controller was something he could actually use for once. [fat fingered bugger!]

Comment by Rob

See, Nintendo were right all along.
If it passes the Andy test, then multi millions of sales await!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

As Andy is away and I am a loyal disciple of his teachings, I feel compelled to reply on his behalf using a style best associated with him.

“Dont tell me, planners are the best gamers as well? Is it your superior intellectual capability or the fact that most of you do fuck all so have time on your hands to practice!”

Rob and George, please don’t take my comments as a slight on your capabilities and skills, I just am showing loyalty to Andy as its coming up to bonus time. Sure you understand.

Comment by Billy Whizz

What a wonderful example of a career-limiting comment. Genius, I’m so proud of you
Lets hope your ‘boss’ appreciates your support because if he doesn’t, you’ll be back on the streets where you belong, ha.

Comment by Rob

Yes Boss. Sure Boss. Three Bags Full Boss.

Comment by Billy Whizz

That’s better …

Comment by Rob

Looks like someone else just invited themselves to an online tournament.

Planners vs non-planners – The Wii Games

Comment by Rob Mortimer

And there I was thinking I wanted to encourage greater inter-departmental harmony, haha

Comment by Rob

This could be the first test of whether the harmony can work!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

It’ll fail – Andy gets Osama Bin Ladin like if he loses at Paper Scissors Stone with his wife – let alone a video game challenge against planners, and worse, planners he’s never met. Gawd Bless ‘im!

Comment by Rob

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