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November 20, 2006, 10:26 am
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Singapore from my lounge window …

The office buildings seem to be looking down or standing over the houses – as if they are saying, “Don’t mess with us or we’ll crush you” – a pretty good metaphor for how the country seems to operate really, ha!

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A guy in Wired magazine once called Singapore, ‘Disney Land With A Death Sentence’, maybe it should be ‘Donald Trump Land With A Death Sentence’.
Nice view though. What is it with you and city skylines, doesn’t your Sydney one have pretty much the same outlook?

Comment by Pete

Pete, did you mean to make it sound like I have ‘homes’ all over the place? I know adland pays better than maybe a bank teller, but that doesn’t mean I can live like bloody Bono.

For your info, my ‘home’ in Singapore is rented because every month, I have to pay outrageous amounts of cash to my Australian bank or they threaten to burn my ‘real home’ down and dance in the ashes. Sort of.

Singapore is a business-focused country and while the Government ARE trying to encourage creativity [not always in the best of ways] I think it’ll always have that at its core.

That’s not a criticism, just how it is – but even then, I think the place gets a hard wrap because in many ways, it’s a pretty wonderful place, far more preferable to live in than say – errrrm, Miami, hahaha. [Or Nottingham!]

Comment by Rob

bollocks. youre the imelda marcos of homes. the donald trump of property. the robbie fowler of student accomodation.

Comment by andy @ cynic

I think you have me confused with your ex-wives … you know, the ones who are buying up half of NYC with your alimony!

I wouldn’t mind your teasing except you live in a bloody amazing apartment overlooking central park – that was hardly $300 per week was it?

You are a mischievious little bugger Andy and for that, you should hope your missus doesn’t check her mobile because if she does, she’ll find an SMS from me telling her all about your ‘online’ activities when she is asleep/shopping/showering.

And yes, you are right, I won’t be able to hold off the PS3 for long – maybe that is why I’m not the uber-property baron you have claimed I am. Ha!

Comment by Rob

Nice view…in an architectural way!

I hope your connections mean you arent one of those mad people paying $3000 for one on eBay!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

No … a Japanese import is only [haha!] $1600 – which is 400 quid [in real money!]

Comment by Rob

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