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When Marketers Talk Crap …
November 16, 2006, 5:30 pm
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Anne Stone [Marketing Manager for Oporto – an Australian fast-food company that sells Portugese chicken-burgers] … sit in the ‘Naughty Chair’ for letting this pile of marketing bollocks slip out your mouth … 

“Oporto will position itself as the cool, image-conscious brand of choice for consumers in the quick service market.  

Good job the burgers taste so good because that comment has left a disgusting taste in my mouth!

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Me thinks Ms. Stone should take a look at this ad.

Comment by Stan Lee

While I appreciate companies having vision, this is just stupid but then, with the standard of marketer currently out there (don’t get me started on Ad person standards) I’m not surprised. This smacks of small player with delusions of Macca’s.

Comment by George B

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