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Life Balance: According To Aussies …
November 14, 2006, 9:42 am
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So last Tuesday [6/11] I was walking home about 4pm when I saw the above sign in a local Balmain Jeweller shop. 

Now Balmain is a pretty small place and so to close a shop on a normal work day must mean one of 5 things …

1. Birth.

2. Death.

3. Illness.

4. Birthday [but has to be a major one]

5. An ‘unofficial’ cultural mandate to get drunk and/or gamble. [Anzac Day / Australia Day / Melbourne Cup etc]

In this case, it was ‘No 5’ … the Melbourne Cup Horse Race – better known as Australia’s ‘Grand National’.

This race literally stops the nation in its tracks … mainly because men get to drink copious amounts of beer [on a work day!] and ladies dress up in their Sunday best [though often it’s more like their Sunday Worst] and feel all glamouress and bubbly.

The fact that Australia does ‘classy’ like Mariah Carey does ‘classy’ is besides the point – it’s a great day where everyone is as one and the mood of the nation is set to ‘Happy’. 

It’s just a pity that by 9am the next day, Australia was back to it’s usual mass multiculturalism / minimum integration self – because for a few hours on Nov 6th, it was the centre of humanity happiness.

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“multiculturalism / minimum integration self”
As an Australian i’ve never heard that before but it got a laugh out of me. F**king Jap invader horses cleaned up in the Melbourne cup too! Spewin’!

Comment by Age

Don’t you mean ‘OUR Jap Invaders’ – because that’s what you Aussies normally do when someone famous/successful has a slight connection to Australia.

Come on, admit it – you’ve done it to Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Crowded House … infact the only one you don’t ‘want’ is that cock on Channel 9, Richard Wilkins, and to be honest, I don’t blame you at all!

Comment by Rob

touché Mr. Rob. You speak the truth.
(about Richard Wilkins!)

Comment by Age

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