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A Life Without Feelings Is No Life At All …
November 14, 2006, 1:04 pm
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OK, it’s taken way longer than we thought possible – but here’s the first bit of work we’ve done for re-positioning SONY Asia-Pac. 

It’s a starting point … there’s a long way to go and a hell of a lot to do [we’re looking at everything from advertising and NPD through to distribution and corporate structure] … but with a bit of luck, they might – just might – let us hang around and help them get to the next point of the journey, haha! 

As you can imagine, this campaign has been discussed and researched quite alot [bit of understatement there, ha!] but I’d love to hear what you think the ad is saying about SONY – because being honest, I’m more likely to respect your comments than that of the Research Company who seem hell-bent on getting them to conform to every category convention going!  

[Click here to read about the science of film music. Sort-of]

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It’s really nice. In a world where everything is trying to get as ‘gadgetry’ as possible you have a technology brand that has a human face. It depicts life!


Comment by Wizard

I like the idea of technology to make us human instead of technology vs human.

As im at work I havent heard the music yet, will comment on that later. Now…back to work.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

As I said – it’s a starting point – there is much to do if we are to stand a real chance of getting the brand back where it belongs.

I think everyone knows, especially us, that ads alone won’t do it … it needs all aspects of the brand to be looked at – including product, packaging, distribution, R&D etc … but to be honest, that’s the bit I am most excited about because I truly love the SONY brand and really like the idea of helping them re-embrace people from the ground, up.

The prop was/is ‘SONY Makes Technology You Feel’ [based around a core idea of ‘Emotive Technology] but we’re not saying SONY technology gives people feelings [that would be both arrogant and unbelievable] … it’s saying that in this fast-changing World – where we often live fragile, superficial lives – SONY creates technology that helps re-awaken the feelings that lie dormant within … the feelings [whatever they might be] that makes people feel alive again.

During the pitch phase, I spoke to a rather famous horror film director, who gave me this great quote about how he believed ‘feelings’ were the foundation for humanity … “I make people feel alive by scaring them half to death!”

He seemed to believe that society today is so disconnected to the World around us, that the only way to experience ‘life’ was to expose ourselves to exaggerated situations which basically ‘shocked us’ into humanity.

Another thing we did was get video taken in multiple countries of commuters at 8am on a Monday morning and then at 6pm on a Friday night – and the difference between the two was astounding.

It literally was as if on the Monday they were Robots, going on with the monotony of their life, ignoring all that was around them and focused on simply ‘getting through the day’ … and then on the Friday, they suddenly transformed into humans again – happy, excited and embracing the lights, colours, sounds and smells that surrounded them.

Of course there’s elements that were changed in the ad – elements I don’t agree with – but the reality is that this is a starting point and compared to where SONY Asia-Pac have been, I think [hope?] it’s a pretty good step forward, haha.

Comment by Rob

Ive always loved Sony products, but I feel like I dont recognise the brand as much as I used to. I think thats a common feeling.

I think its true that people feel a lot more listening to music / watching tv / playing games. In particular I love the idea of the music making someone feel, because its exactly what it does. Anyone who loves music will identify with that.

Its the 80s style concept that a product cannot create feelings, but it can portray the feelings of media better than another product.

I am looking forward to where this is going, especially if you suceed in bringing back the customer focused Sony we all loved instead of the competitor focused Sony of the past decade.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

As long as you realise the music made the robot come alive because it was played on a Walkman [superior sound] then I’ll be happy, hahaha.

Talking of Walkman … the stuff we’re working on is fucking great – fingers crossed we can get the idea through ‘the system’ because if we can, it really will give Walkman a territory to fight the iPOD on.

Mind you, we don’t want to do something too great – because then Russell at OIA wouldn’t get to help rebuild the brand, something he told me he’d LOVE to do and something I promised I’d try to get him involved in.

Comment by Robert

Love it mate, love it.
Remember I know what Sony are like out there in the ‘Far East’ and the fact you even got to make a TVC like that is astounding. Then again, I saw the print work and I think thats even better so it seems you and your little team are making real headway with the Japanese giant. Hope they appreciate it, because they are on the brink and PS3 might not be the savior they are relying on.

I love the fact you spoke to a horror film director (who was it?) and that you filmed humanity in all its ugly glory; why aren’t you talking at some conferences, more people should hear how you think and do things.
Really hope this works for them and you and I look forward to seeing how this all develops. COme over to this side of the pond again, Sony America are even worse at the moment.

Comment by Pete

I guessed so yes. Shame that the whole Atrac (or Acrap as I call it) thing spolied the walkman brand in Mp3 playing.

That bit reminded me of the scene in Garden State where the girl lends the guy the earphones and the song makes him think. Which is a good level of emotional resonance.

It would be great to have you AND Russell working on Sony. Maybe we can get the brand back after all…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Print work eh? Anything you can show Rob?

Agreed about PS3, it looking worrying, but its a perfect example of all the modern failings of Sony and why they need to get back to the company they were.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Pete are you trying to get into my pants? Are you like that Minister who is married but gay? You are very kind mate and given you are doing truly great, innovative work, it’s a case of me saying “I’m not worthy”

Comment by Robert

Take a compliment for once will you, I know you don’t get many.
And no, to recap on that phrase you told me, I’m too ugly to be gay so you can relax. Seriously, I know how difficult Sony are, especially out in Asia, so you deserve a pat on the back and you’re going to take it whether you like it or not.
What is amazing is that with this work and what’s going on in the UK (even though I’m not a groupie to the Bravia work, because it differentiates via execution, not idea) you have put the Sony North America advertising into last place. Bet their ego causes a pitch to be called in the next 3 months. Now before I go, explain to me why you are getting that Russell bloke involved in Walkman. I’d be more than happy to help and would even keep it secret, like my blog-gay tendencies.

Comment by Pete

Real men don’t compliment other men. Or have I been watching too many Clint Eastwood movies?

I am guessing George showed you the print because it isn’t finished or approved yet. I don’t know if I’d say it’s better than the TV, but I do like it alot. However, the Bravia print we’re doing is fucking lovely – and hopefully that should come out soonish.

I soooooooooooo agree with you about the Bravia work – infact I had a ‘discussion’ about it with Mr Mortimer [it’s on his blog] but for all it’s executional differentiation [as you put it], it’s still a lovely ad that does stand out from the masses of techno-babble communication spouted by the competition. And yes, the US Sony work is unbelievably bad – especially their Bravia work which is possibly one of the worst things I have ever seen. Compared to that, the Fallon work is multi-Oscar worthy. Sod the SONY America ego – the fact is they NEED to change their agency and/or their marketing people – because what they’re putting out [I’m talking that Pink and Blue monstrosity] should NEVER see the light of day!

Have to be careful what I say about PS3 – it does have an enormous amount of pressure on it to succeed but given it is also going to be one of the cheapest Blue Ray players you can buy [and the difference in movie experience is astounding] I think it will achieve it’s expectations – just maybe in a longer timeframe than first thought.

As for getting you involved in Walkman – sorry, I asked Russell first … not only that, you work for the hotshit agency who is taking on the big boys – if I so much give you a sniff of this client, it’ll probably be in your stable faster than I can say “e-Gay”.

Have to go now – I bought 33 DVD’s while in Sydney [yes Pete, a high % were doco’s!] and need to feed my mind. [Though I’ll be watching Series 3 of Peep Show really, ha!]

Comment by Rob

Hey Rob, am I ok to post about this ad on my blog, or is it too early?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Rob, you don’t have to worry about us stealing your client, there is no way any work we do would ever get made in Asia, that is why I am so impressed you got your Sony work made.
Can’t wait to see the Bravia print because you’re right, the US stuff (Pink & Blue) is a blot on the advertising landscape, let alone the Sony brand.
I cannot tell a lie, GEORGE was the one who showed me the brand print work. What’s there to finish, it’s great, get it out there man. Now I’m going to leave you to your Peep Show (Ooer) but lets try and catch up soon and not because I am e-gay.

Comment by Pete

Hi Rob … could you keep it quiet just for a week or so, need to get some ‘approvals’ which has made me realise how much trouble I could be in for doing this already, hahaha!

Comment by Rob

Oh, and Rob – who was that person at Naked who wrote to you? Don’t worry – I won’t cause shit, it’s just so I can mention to John someone there had been in touch. Speak soon.

Comment by Rob

No problem, if you let me know when its ok i’ll post on it.

I must say though the more I think about it the more I love it. What with the mixed reactions to the paint ad and the PSP dustballs it would work well here too!

Sorry, I forgot to get her name yesterday; my wireless connection is really bad at home!Will email it to you later!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Toptastic – lets get Naked back on the scene because you are exactly the sort of bloke they need/love there.

As for the ad – well, I’m glad you like it, and I’m not being humble – but compared to where I can see this whole FEEL idea evolving, it’s just the ignition.

God, I’m talking in marketing-wank, gotta go and wash my mouth out with soap.

Comment by Rob

And wait till you see how the idea transfers to product and packaging – then you’ll really love it, hahaha

Comment by Rob

I prefered your original positioning of “Electronic Ecstacy”? You sold out with “Feel”. LOL

Comment by Billy Whizz

Actually, I was thinking as regards our discussion yesterday. The one thing im not too keen on is the typography on the word FEEL. It feels too artificial and overpowering for what is a human emotional message.

Doesnt spoil the ad, just something I FEEL could be slightly better.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You cheeky bastard Billy … gonna get you put in detention, ha!

As for the FEEL font – I am interested in your comment because I always thought it was quite fresh, vibrant, un-SONY [in a good way]and un-technology like [again in a good way] – but given you are a consumer [and a very smart one at that] I find your comment very interesting.

If you have the chance, could you find a font [regardless of what the letter/word it is saying] that you feel is more apporpriate to the idea. This is not me being bitchy – I am genuinely interested and would really value your input. [but only if you can, I do know you have a job to do!]

Also, if Apple used FEEL in the way we’ve used it [say for the iPOD], would you still feel it is not as relevant? I ask because as much as we’re trying to make the brand more human and youthful, it’s not meant to be in a hippy-love-the-world kind of way, which is why I find your view so interesting.

To be fair, the boys did originally use a smaller type size and less ‘colour’, but along the way it got ‘changed’.

On a completely unrelated matter – don’t you find it funny that the best creative talent tends to work in Marketing Departments … bit like how all the best football tacticians end up being Taxi Drivers or Barmen. Strange World isn’t it, hahaha!

Comment by Rob

I will take a look, I also know several graphic designers whom I may be able to ask for a font that represents the word for a technology use.(without showing them the ad of course!)

I shall email you about it tomorrow/later today.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

No rush – I am interested in your ‘eye’

Comment by Rob

I like the music, I wasnt expecting it to stop when she passed him the earphone. Nice touch though, as it focuses the ad on that moment.

I think the thing about the typography on FEEL is that it feels (sic) too artificial. The dots imply computer pixels, which appears more like the robots than the people in the ad. I havent looked at a typeface yet, but even that typeface without the dotting could possibly look better.

The other thing is that the FEEL type doesnt fit well with the following and Sony texts. Having three bits of text following each other isnt easy to do, I think personally it needs to appear more human and more in tune with the text.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Told you – we have been educated to expect music so much in the background of our visual entertainment that when it’s not there – you notice it.

Really find your comment on the Font thing interesting – as I said, it was much more as you orginally described but it evolved/devolved during the process.

As for the LIKE NO OTHER and SONY end-frames … yeah, in a perfect world there wouldn’t be the need to use 3 different supers [or at least put them sort-of together], but it was more to do with ‘corporate protocol’ than for artistic reasons – which is, ironically, why I still quite like the glitter-ball ‘FEEL’ because it makes it look less corporate than SONY are recognised for. Hmmmmm, it’s a hard one – but if you find a font you feel would have been more suitable [if you have time, please don’t kill yourself over it] I’d be very interested.

Don’t forget the Naked person’s name!

Comment by Rob

I think the FEEL and need to go together, with the Sony standing out at the end.

I agree it is less corporate, but I still dont think it matches that particular execution that well.

Wow, im having a day of being awkward… joy! I sent you an email with the contact btw!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Hi Mate … the whole FEEL Like No Other and SONY separation is – as mad as it sounds – a corporate MANDATE. We thought we were being clever putting FEEL and Like No Other together as it gave their global line ‘meaning’ – pity we were the only ones who thought so, hahaha.

Be awkward – that’s what we’re supposed to be about as long as it is with meaning, insight and sense. [Which is why Andy can’t hack it, hahaha – I am so enjoying him being away!]

Comment by Rob

It has always seemed to me that in essence the line should be:

Feel like no other
Colour like no other
Sound like no other

So although they are seperate they fit together as a phrase, but leaving still a phrase on its own.

It does (as you say) give real meaning and an emotional connection to their corporate line.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Hey – our server has had a mental tizz [the by-product of Andy’s [allegedly] buggering about] so your email with the Naked bods name hasn’t come through. Can you send it again – … ta.

Comment by Rob

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It’s an arresting ad. I saw it on TV a few times and found your site after googling the ad. The point-of-view comes across clearly. The artistic liberty is well-taken.

A point about the music. It’s excellent. The layering matches every incident in the ad and peaks perfectly at the end. Well done. By the way, is that a commercial tune? If so, I want to get it cos it’s funky as hell.

Comment by Mogan

Hi there … glad you like the ad – lets hope it starts the shift we need so we can keep the momentum up.

The music is available as a ringtone I think at – but the track isn’t commercial as we developed it for the ad. Who knows, maybe we can start a fan club for it? Ha

Thanks alot for popping in and saying ‘Hi’ …

Comment by Rob

how to download the ringtone from … the wallpapers/screensavers are downloading but not the ringtone… can any one give me the mp3 version for my w800i ..

BTW Great track.


Comment by Akram

how do u download the ringtone from….the walls and screensavers are downloading….but not the ringtone….i need the mp3 version of that for my w800i

Comment by fahdeen

Hi There …

I think what you have to do is download the file onto your desktop [it’s a Winzip file] and then uncompress it [using the free Winzip program at] and then you can simply upload it to your phone via the USB cable and/or bluetooth. Hope that helps. R

Comment by Rob

how do you download the file??? dats d question….coz after u select mp3 from the dropdown list nothin happens??? so the question again is how do u download the file???

Comment by fahdeen

I’m not sure … I have nothing to do with the website and it’s already been updated. I’ll have a chat with the guys behind the site and see what I can find out.

Comment by Rob


Comment by fahdeen


Im still not able to download the ringtone… i love the tone that’s why i am desperate to get it playing on my cellphone… i would be glad if some one can give the direct download link….

Thanks every body.

Comment by Akram

Hi Akram … let me see what I can do. Unfortunately, because of the Christmas/New Year festivities, the people who can help me/you are vomiting into a tree due to alcohol, so please hang in there and I’ll see what I can do. All the best for 2007 …

Comment by Rob Campbell

Happy New Year to all….. well any idea as to how to download it from the website???

Comment by fahdeen

Hi Mate – I’m back on Wednesday so I promise I’ll ask them then.

Comment by Rob

Alternatively, if you send me an email to:, I’ll try and email you a copy of the track for your phone.

Comment by Rob

Fahdeen, not heard from you about the track, but it’s been re-mixed and you can hear a much longer version by going here [The track is called ‘Electric Road’ and there is a link to the studio website where you supposidly can download it]

Comment by Rob

Hi Rob, i did send you an email to this address,, asking you to send me the track…please check you email for the subject “nowifeel ringtone”…maybe it must have gone into your junk mail folder….please check if not then please send the track to

Comment by Fahdeen

Hi Fahdeen …

Yes, it must of been sent straight to our Junk Mail but I have just sent you an email with the ringtone. Hope it’s OK.


Comment by Rob

thank you Rob

Comment by Fahdeen


does anybody have a copy of this video?

i just wanna know who that girl is.. she hot.

Comment by myk pukka

All I know is she is a young actress who I think is based in Shanghai.

Happy stalking!

Comment by Rob

Hi There,

I choose the Sony Robot as theme for a paper in my IMC course. It was interesting reading your comments, especially since I had thought similar things about the fact that the ad is rather non-technological (comment by Rob, Nov 14, 6:42pm), targeting at younger people (before seeing the introduction I did not knew it was for repositionning Sony image).

btw, You can download the song from Celestial page by following the link below:


Comment by Frank

Tell me about it. Whoever claims that feelings are for sissies is a liar.

Comment by anonymous

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