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How To Lose The Value Of Your Home …
November 13, 2006, 12:44 pm
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So we were recently in Sydney looking to buy a house when on our travels, we came across this wonderfully-awful street name.

Who the hell comes up with these names? 

Does no one at the council [or whoever decides these things] think that it might put people off living there?!

OK, so it’s probably as aspirational street address for Accountants and Mariah Carey fans … but to the people in the real World, it’s about as tempting as a choice between burning or drowning.

I’d love to know whether there’s evidence that a house value can be negatively affected by a bad street name – because to be quite honest, they’d have to pay me to live on that street.

Hmmmmn, guess this goes hand-in-hand with the comment below!

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I wonder about the people who live in the town of Lost…

There is actually a road near here called something like North Street South. Mad.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Classic … and a mate of mine saw a street called, I kid you not – Backdoor Alley!

Comment by Rob

Or you could live here:

Comment by Emily

That’s genius Emily – but not so genius I’d want to live there.

In the UK, the rule seems to be the places with the nicest names are generally the dodgiest places – such as The Meadows in Nottingham [the most dangerous place per capita in Europe] or Pear Tree in Derby [better known as shooting alley] – which is why when I eventually move back there, I’m going to try and find a place called ‘Death Murder Street’ because by my rather twisted logic, that should be heaven!

So sorry I missed you on Friday – hope to see you when I fly back to sign some house papers.

Comment by Rob


Manor Top is the worst place here, and Moss Side in Manchester. Manors and countryside names…deadly.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

If you ever get told you are going to live in Buttercup Lodge – run!

Comment by Rob

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